Liu Bolin: The human chameleon (27 Photos)

More of Liu’s works can be seen HERE

  • LukeTheTerrible

    Credit goes to him for conceiving the idea and bringing it to the world as a statement against the humans rights abuses of China. Anyone who thinks this is dumb is just terribly lucky to have never had to stop and think about the liberties we take for granted living in America – we just take them for granted. China is a very wicked place, controlled by people who have little regard for the values we presume are fundamental. Forget about their industrial revolution, it is still a place where one can be imprisoned indefinitely just for criticizing the government. Think about that. Imprisoned. Indefinitely.

    • triplecap

      Well said. I think #8 illustrates that point too.

  • socalmarti

    #9 & #12 total mind fucks!!!! Amazing!!!

  • longshot421

    This is so transparent…..

    😉 yeah, lame, sorry, had to say it. Weak puns are my speciality.

  • Anonymous

    Preditor mode activate

  • Brad

    Someone needs to tell that guy to knock that off.

  • etcrr

    He's damn good at what he does

  • TheFrozenNorth

    its like wheres waldo

  • HostosFQ

    i dont see anything….

  • WillieWill

    What !!! No boobs in this post !! Pfft…. Use ur talent for something good , like sneaking into the womans locker room !!

  • SaltLakeChiver

    I bet someone liked Hide and Go Seek as a child.

  • Ysoserious

    #8 is amazing symbolism for what hes tryin to say to the world. Great job

  • ben

    All time Hide and Seek champion of the World.

  • F4K3orR34L

    World Hide and Seek Champion 2012!

  • thelifeofthisgirl

    #21 All In all you're just…..

  • ShieldsLee

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  • Dr. Evil


  • Darren Rowe

    Shit Solid Snake is real, We are all fucked now the asians will use him to take over the world 😦

  • big baby jesus

    Only #12 I couldn't see him right away…

  • TacoChops

    After viewing these I still needed view more an hour later.

  • Sebastian


  • TheWileyMinnesotan

    #8 is brilliant,

  • Rodimus

    This guy is a freaking Ninja!

  • TiaP

    These are quite amazing.. but who is the one were supposed to be applauding.. the guy that's hiding in the pictures is just a dude that got painted up by some pretty amazing artists… so…. to the people that painted this guy and took the pictures.. amazing job to you. To the guy standing there being painted… um.. good job standing still.

  • oranglewat

    #8 and #23 is just plain awesome.

  • poboi850

    worst ninja ever. iI found him in every pic. lol

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