• Scott

    I am sure Holder will find a way to pardon this fine upstanding Obama supporter…………

  • seems-legit

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug!

  • Brian P.

    He's also wanted out of Kentucky? That's surprising, I figured he was a straight-shooter at his accounting job, and just came to Tennessee to let loose.

  • Vladimir Putin

    We Todd did.

  • Vladimir Putin

    Sofa king we todd did.

  • The Mad Zak

    He will plead not guilty.

  • Michael Costa

    Hasn't any one here seen the movie CRANK? life imitating art? maybe he got himself into a JASON STATHAM situation…the Columbian drug cartel poisoned his ass and he needed to keep his heart rate and adrenaline going just to stay alive. when he ran out of ideas, or his stolen tazer ran out of juice, he got in a cooling tank hoping hypothermia would keep him alive long enough for the poison to wear off. i guess Tennessee is lucky this didn't end with him falling from a helicopter cause then the Chinese mafia would scrape him off the street and the crime spree would continue in CRANK 2 fashion.

  • Kris

    breakin the law….like a freakin boss. at least he's not going half-ass with it.

  • Dickle

    Damn! I'm just glad he didn't kill anyone while doing all that. Jeesh!!!

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