Boy’s wish to be Batman comes true (18 Photos)

A 7 year-old-boy named Kye had his wish to be Batman and battle the bad guys come true over the weekend. A Wish With Wings teamed up with the Arlington Texas Police and Firefighters for an adventure of a lifetime. Kye is no stranger to battles, he's fighting leukemia.

With elaborate sets, actors, and a small film crew ready for his big debut, Kye starred as the (mini) Caped Crusader in this short video produced by the Arlington Police Department.

Kye's surprise adventure included apprehending the Joker during an attempted robbery and foiling a 'car bomb' set by the Riddler near City Hall. Kye spent the day thwarting crime against a team of villains.

Afterwords, Kye was presented the key to the city by Arlington Assistant Police Chief James Hawthrone.

Full story at the Star Telegram.

  • bsho7

    Fantastic to see feel good stories of this caliber. There is still some humanity in the world 🙂

  • Cierra

    Ive wished i could be batman all my life and im a girl…. i feel thats wrong hahaha

  • Bob

    This seems like such a Chive thing to do. What a great cause for a kid with such a strong heart! KCCO!

  • Guest

    This is an old post

  • blue_bronco

    I want to be Aquaman

  • mshaw166

    Great job Kudos to all involved!

  • HurstGertrude

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  • Marshall

    this is the kind of shit people should see in the news…doing good for someone who is struggling, simple joys for a little kid. thats what im talkin about.

  • 3 fan

    Stupid allergies…keep making my eyes water…

  • that guy

    I love seeing people with KU hats get arrested. MIZ

  • @bongrip

    Props to the cops for this one. Good show guys.

  • Gavin

    kid is gonna grow up to be an idiot

  • Dan


  • Carlos

    Chive on to my brother officers in Arlington. Nice work.

  • Kelsey

    Couldn't help but notice the penguin isn't in this film..

  • JPhil15

    Great story. Thanks for posting it. Chive does an awesome job of putting things like this out there. Keep it up!

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