Cute Russian girls are on the prowl (18 Photos)

  • longshot

    Find #3. Someone has to know her name. I have seen at least 7 different shots of her over the last couple years.

  • john


  • Sylvain Roy

    erm…. who the hell collect the money?

    I should start Canadian mail order brides =P

  • The Saint

    #3 is Renee, she's 'net famous, pretty dumb, a mom and from Florida. At least try, Chive!

  • Hoodie

    I'll take one of each Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    nice woman, shit beaches

  • troll

    nice women, shit beaches. check out the beaches in perth, Australia for some nice women and beaches

  • Megalodon

    A lot of these should of have been FLBP…..

  • jack

    @ DhamaBum
    Look at the reflection in the window #15 has arms she’s holding her handbag behind her back!!!

  • red sparrow

    Unless those photos came from a mail-order bride catalogue, there is nothing to prove they are Russian.

  • Benni

    Give credit, it seems only fair, the russian guys do a really great job:

  • Roland

    #15 YES!!!!

  • hiphopanonymous

    Please sir, may I have some moar? #22

  • troy

    #14 please post her to Australia

  • Russian

    #10 is a Russian reality show star

  • Sebastian

    #18 FTW

  • Beldar

    #28 itsnatacha!!!

  • justaguy

    #3 I call dibs

  • mobiugearskin

    #15 #17 #29

  • BIRD


  • eatsleepnexercise


  • IrishJew

    where did these Russkies find a beach in their icebox of a country?!

  • Chelmsford Spuds

    #14 #24 #28
    Not necessarily in that order but Jesus wept where do they find these chicks?

  • Flotrop05

    #17 and #29. MOAR PLEASE.

  • Dickle

    #15 Wins

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