Daily Afternoon Randomness (41 Photos)

  • Nic Cage

    I'm 1st, shit turds!!!!!

  • whyme1973

    #4 Nice ass
    #20 Screaming pissed off hotties in 3…2…1…

  • doublemeat

    #37 So. Much. Want.

  • etcrr

    #41 birds eye view, very cool indeed

    • You Dumbass

      Yeah, because birds always ride on the front of dragsters.

  • DkGuy

    Nice! Jezza's truck from top gear!

  • Scott

    #3 can never get enough of this movie

    • tugbote

      Same here. Always enjoy seeing shots like this randomly popping up from time to time

  • Alex

    #10 pure automotive sex

  • f1junkie

    #38 hey its the camper thing from Mad Max

  • derwood1989

    #3, #14, should i feel really old knowing what movies these two came from?

    • tapsnapornap

      The truck was on Top Gear…don't know if that helps you any.

      • Webb

        The first pic is from "The Wraith"? Not sure of the second,

        • Webb

          The second is from "The Fortress".

          • tapsnapornap

            It was definitely Jeremy Clarkson's on Top Gear

  • Shawn

    need intel on #34

  • endlessfc3s

    Rotary for the win! Just loose the blue.

  • absolutcarcrazy

    No doubt. This thing is badass. No info on afterfxcustoms.com about it.

  • mikerose

    21 is a really cool bike that came along too late, a Tularis, Built by a guy named Tulane with a Polaris 700cc two stroke twin sourced from their Snowmobile side. Even with very little developement time, it was stinky fast. It was featured in Cycleworld Mag in the early '90's. wonder what happened to it? Any info???

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