I want to go to there (38 photos)

  • Rafael_RS

    my own town on the Chive
    that's so cool

  • ranger rick

    #18 who built this?

  • Giggity

    #24 totally doing that to the picnic table this summer.

  • its_forge

    #1 OMG that's a movie theatre. MAXIMUM WIN.



  • devlin

    #2 is El Pailon Del Diablo, a stone stair structure near Banos, Ecuador.

    • ksl

      pailon del diablo is the waterfall that's just out of shot… actually directly behind the photographer i guess (or underneath them?) this is just the viewing platform! possibly more impressive than the waterfall anyhow!

  • drea72

    #16: HO-HO-HELL NO!

  • BroodOfVipers

    I think they should say where these places are,

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=167400223 Lauren Nagle

    #26 & #35 please!!!

  • mrjimmyos

    #19 Oh hi patrick

  • Rob

    Please where is #34 ?

  • https://www.facebook.com/1xinc Trevor Halverson

    New rule: We give information on where the shit these places are so that we can dream of going there, even though we really won't.

  • Dave

    Where was #37 taken?

  • Bob

    Call this post recap of the last 2 months all re posts

  • Dr. Evil

    Now jump!
    They had me at a trough of wines! Though I prefer reds to whites.

  • Mcchocolate

    Traveling to Gili T Island, Bali, July 2012, Chivers+Chivettes come spread the gospel of all that is Chive, and lets rock this shit !

  • Tommy Highflier

    #14 I was there about 4 months back! I've been studying Spanish in Argentina for the past 8 months.

  • angella


    Does anyone else thinking of a certain Call of Duty MW3 multiplayer map and want to capture A?

    • angella

      Derp, IS anyone thinking… time for another beer!

  • Jeff


    I really want to go there… perfect wave, perfect weather, one person in the lineup…

  • Narrator

    #15 And Kratos cast himself from the highest mountain in all of Greece. After ten years of suffering, ten years of endless nightmares, it would finally come to an end, death, would be his escape from madness. But it had not always been this way, Kratos had once been a champion of the Gods…

  • endplanets

    #31 evil bond villain fortress

  • Knotty2011

    Dear chive,

    I can put up with the ads at the bottom of the page cause this is a free site and ads keep it going. But… Why the f*** is there a "you have a missed call" Ad. It screams 'virus' to me. Just saying.

    A loyal 'yet worrisome' chivette. ❤

  • HurstGertrude

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  • Lisa

    All these pics do is make me sad because I am poor

  • Babert

    #23… Hell no. No railing and it it is held up by a thin piece of metal ever 15ft. Not a chance.

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