• Myrael

    Wow… The guy was in Method. Elite guild doing amazing stuff… impressive. And the fact that she knows exactly what he's talking about is alot more impressive!

  • steve

    Insanely Cute Chick.

  • guest

    find her!!! please 😥

  • Michael BBC3 TV show – Rob Riggle is everywhere! BAM!

  • Stan

    I didn't understand a single word.

  • Ephram

    I've met some really hot girls that play wow, actually the majority of people I've met that play aren't what you'd expect.

  • Palidin


  • IllinoisChiver

    Rob Riggle = not legit video

    Also, it's not Aliena so do not care. =D

  • j22

    Girls will never understand how attractive it is when they play videogames.

  • mobiugearskin

    For those of you wondering, it's a clip from a BBC Three comedy show in the UK called "World Series of Dating"

    It's basically a dating sports show. Pretty funny.

  • Guest

    This guy hit the jackpot =) haha

  • Jammy

    I have no idea what that conversation was about… I thought I heard the word troll….

  • yes

    "You've proper excited me now" For some reason that makes me smile.

  • Edaea_Sinid

    I have no idea what they were talking about but all I have to say is "For God's sake marry her!" 🙂

    Anyone show some love for Diablo and SC?

  • chong


  • Ender

    I don't play wow, but I do want that woman to have my babies. sexy nerd= super sexy.

  • Fuzz

    Haha I met a couple girls in college that played as well. Not nearly as pathetic as the sorostitutes that talked nonstop about how drunk they got at Friday's mixer.

  • CardboardBread

    A very good friend of mine was on that dating show.
    Unfortunately he didn't embarrass himself so he was only on for like 2 mins.

  • Yourstruly

    my husband and I met on WoW ^,^

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