• Joe

    Why not jsut put the doorstop on the wall where it belongs and not on the door… that way the cat couldnt reach it

  • jesse

    thats how the cat protects his virginity

  • jb:-)

    just cut the dam thing off…. i mean the cats paw…

  • Greenjojo

    My cat shakes my door everyday at 5:20am(same time my alarm goes off) and if I'm not up within 5 minutes he starts meowing until I open the door 🙂

  • felyrose

    and this is why i sleep with my door open

  • tag

    In high school half the reason I got out of bed on time was because my parents would open the door and the cat would run into my room and attack my feet.

  • mike


  • Rafael_RS

    dafuq man?!?!

    did u had him declawed???

    if so, that's just mean….. poor form

  • Djibvdg

    Reminds me of the alien from Signs… Creepy.

  • nitrox

    This part go on the wall.

  • Dan

    My dog barks a lot louder than that and at a more reasonable time

  • blue_bronco

    Screw Planet of the Apes… Cat's are going to take over

  • Magnus

    Go for the eyes Boo!

  • Ash

    My cat wakes me up every morning with nothing other than her cold cold eyes. While I don't always know where from, every morning I know she is somewhere in the room just looking right at me. Sometimes she'll be on the desk next to me, a foot in front of my face, sometimes in the hallway, just barely hiding behind the door frame.

    But she is always there. Jesus this cat freaks me out.

  • cathater

    Oh my god i hate cats

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=743146272 Mark Bernhard

    Pretty sure I could cure that behavior with a simple claw hammer and a glass of tap water. You know, in case I get thirsty while I'm engaging in behavior modification.

  • FelineGrace

    You people are despicable and cruel. Any one of my cats is worth 50 of you.

  • hurius

    katzen können so süß sein!

  • Holly

    That's hilarious!

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