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25 of the most mildly annoying nuisances on the planet (25 Photos)

Via Buzzfeed

Via Buzzfeed

  • code

    I can relate to most all of these

  • bravesfan0690

    #23 maybe if you clean your sink #24, your eye would be in better shape…..

  • mijo69

    #2 If someone does that in my house, I flip it immediately. Must be OCD or something.

  • JAY


    • Dukes

      as did i……damn…lol

      • ADT

        I was too ashamed to admit it. Glad you did first!

    • stonewall_79

      Damn it I had to click it just to know what you were talking about.

  • your mom

    why wasnt the ad on the chive mobile site in this set?

  • OrgazoidHD

    Those eye boogers are gross. I think she needs medical attention.

  • matt

    #24 wth are those ants?

    • MarthaJeane

      Facial hair someone decided not to clean up after shaving. This used to drive me CRAZY.

      • bobby

        Facial hair? I dunno, while that would be (more than) suitable for this list, they/it actually do look like ants.

        • MarthaJeane

          I'm standing by facial hair, just that of a hairy guy that doesn't shave that often. I saw this mess way more often than I care to remember.

          That many ants in the sink is not a mild annoyance, it's a pest control problem.

          • Junior

            Looks like a bad case of crabs

      • haha

        wow martha you are not pretty

        • MarthaJeane

          It's cool, I prefer to be beautiful anyway. KCCO 😉

    • Holmespump

      Ants. Scroll down to September 19.

  • Sean

    First world problems

  • Corey

    #16 really bugs me. I know it's not a big deal, but it's still irritating.

  • Uh-hu

    #23 you spelt herpes wrong… Eye Herpes*

    • Sloppy

      Spelled. Since we're correcting things.

  • PDiddily420


    "Squalid hellhole"? "Toilet paper hung in improper overhand fashion"? "Dogs mating on dining room table"?

    • beeots

      I always think of that Simpsons reference.

  • Dog

    80% of these seen on reddit 20 minutes ago!

    • mijo69

      It's cozier here

  • @geurtr

    Technology put a man on the moon, and forgot about your daily annoyances.

  • Vent187

    #12 ha! Every morning..

  • Mayhem

    ahhh, first world problems.

  • DatWop32

    sooo true

  • Dangbeing

    @23 Thats PINK EYE you need a DR

  • Ferngully

    #23 and #24 are so full of WTF!!!!!

  • Hex

    looks a lot like the buzzfeed post from today… just saying

  • mwd1970

    Very original Chive; you stole all these off Buzzfeed and changed the title. Fucktards

    • HillbillyNinja

      Did you happen to overlook the little green letters that state 'Via Buzzfeed' near the top of the page?

  • wjaram

    #23 Eye Boogers? More like Eye Herpes. Amirite?

  • Jack

    Wonder where most of these came from?

  • Hulk

    #15 fuck those guys, hate them the worst, mainly because they are so damn fast

    • NOLA

      what the f is that!?!?!

      • rickvanr

        millipede… fuckkkkkking nasty

      • Travis

        Silverfish… the worst.

        • Kator

          It's actually a house centipede. Try living by the water, where these things are everywhere and as big as your hand. It sucks….

          • KyleGamgee

            Thank you sir. Saw one in my old apartment 7 years ago, and I about flipped out. Worst thing was I had no idea what bug it was. Wife made me kill it, of course, and I've never seen one since. 'House Centipede' -gotta say: bit of a let-down.

            • Tdawg

              Scariest part is it might be the same one. Those fuckers can live up to 7 years.

      • Holmespump

        Kator is right – house centipede. They're ugly, but basically harmless to humans. And they eat ants, cockroaches, and spiders.

    • tylrd67

      And when you crush them…they disappear…there is nothing left….i hate them

    • zaxxon galaxxon

      yeah i hate these! i see them scurry around sometimes at night by the light of my tv and have to spring into action to kill them before they dissapear under the couch, fucking gross

      • chiefer

        I live on the St. Lawrence River in New York. We have them every where. They are fucking evil. I've never been bitten by one but from what I understand they can bite and it feels like a bee sting. Not sure if it's true or not, but that's what I've been told.

        They are still evil no matter what. Fucking bastards!

  • bless1


  • jonboy

    Yet another post lifted completely from another site (Buzzfeed). And absolutely zero fucking credit given to the originator (Buzzfeed).

    You even have a link to Buzzfeed permanently on your site!

    You stay classy Chive. Fucking lazy bitches.

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