25 of the most mildly annoying nuisances on the planet (25 Photos)

Via Buzzfeed

Via Buzzfeed

  • http://www.facebook.com/sykofun Evie Rose

    #23 gp to the goddamn dr & #24 if u live there go kill yourself

  • Joe

    #24 the fuck is that… no wait don't tell me cause if it is what I think it is I don't wanna know

  • Demontag

    How about when a page loads but doesn't format properly?

  • J.S. Wright

    Dude, let down. A bunch of this stuff they lifted directly out of a Buzzfeed.com post.

  • Dewman210x

    Who else hit #16 cause you thought it was really loading? lol

  • ChiTownChiver

    #6 fuck those people. And yeah, completely agree with #12

  • Stick

    And that's why you buy the Sega power strip.

  • Kyle

    The narwhal indeed bacons at midnight

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1347150041 Courtney Richmond

    Am I the only one who tried to click play before I realized the loading screen is the part that's annoying? Probably….

  • teight

    hahaha, even the cookie is sad #22

  • poop

    that post makes me so angry



  • Mahogany

    #10 triple integral…woof

  • GoatsMilk

    I for one can't stand it when I'm filling a soft drink and the next one over drips on the back of my hand


    #23 This guy must have pink eye
    #24 WTF?!?!?! What the hell is that?

  • sandi

    #14 Wash a spoon dumb Fu*k

  • Chachi

    #15 Creepy as fuck. They're faster than olympic kenyan athlete and if you chop in half both pieces run away…

  • Shabooms

    #12 Just go man…problem solved

  • 147689

    awe sweet a new chive post! 😀
    …. fuck this shit im goin on twitter

  • MgoBlue

    #15 and #19 make me want to punch myself in the face repeatedly.

  • Faust

    #25…That's Bullshit man!!!

  • Kyle

    Nailed it!

  • https://www.facebook.com/BrandeeLee Brandee Lee Hiller

    Good old disgusting Scutigera coleoptrata!!! I recenty lived in an apartment that had these damn things. I would see at least 2-4 a day running around along the walls. I started sleeping with the lights on. It was awful, I even had nightmares. ugh

  • Thg

    You should do a follow up post on solutions to all of these. Like a mechanical pencil paired with #5, or a punch in the face for #6

  • Oltimey

    #24, WTF IS THIS?????

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