• DUde

    Was anyone else thinking X-men when he was talking about the 1% improved human?

  • Akshay

    My band has a song with this speech playing as the sample. reverbnation.com/pangeaindia . The song's called 'Mind if i borrow your life'. The album is free. Chive ON from India.

  • Hunter X

    Interesting to think about for a few minutes, but not much more. Too many possibilities to 'worry' about. Possible we are alone. Possible there is every variation of alien- friendly, uninterested, hostile, smarter, less intelligent (but older), the list goes on.
    Truth is, we've got too many problems with our own species to spend billions on looking for others. (I'm not saying stop completely) Depending on the level of alien life we may eventually find- that discovery could throw our civilization into chaos. Why not work on ourselves first?

    • Dobby

      The planet is dying. Working on ourselves is such an overused statement. Theres no more integrity left for the mediocre. Saying this wont help but idk if the golden rule will ever come to surface.

  • Brad

    TL;DR Life is complex, boobs boobs boobs.

    This guy is beyond dumb and has less than half the perspective that I have. He needs to do a psychedelic, then we'll talk. I saw a video one time where a chimp had more accurate visual memorization than a human (the test made them repeat the order of numbers from 1 to 10 after being flashed for a brief second.) You see patterns throughout life, they explain everything. An economy is only present where life exists. So my point to his illustration, is that we have developed far more culturally than apes. We may be 1% different then apes DNA wise, but Apes aren't second on the food chain if you think about it. They haven't grown into a culturally evolved species like we have. If you look at the food chain of the ocean, evolution is easier to understand. Once you go down the path to learning about the unfathomable complexities of life, the path to greater evolution of knowledge (And knowledge is power); once you get there start defining words like "god" (religion is all made by humans, man-made, 2k years ago when they were writing the bible they didn't have the same beliefs we had, for example they believed the earth was flat) "life" and "death". Start learning how patterns evolve. A good starting point is looking at how the the economy has evolved. Algorithms control the stock market, which evolved from the basic rule of supply and demand. The point is there are so many variables that influence everything, the only way to get a truthful understand (seeing things for how they really are) is to take the marco (wider) perspective on things.

    If you take a house cat, throw it outside and stop feeding it, it's survival instincts kick in. It is now part of the food chain. But you give that cat food, it no longer has those survival instincts (basic rule of the economy, supply and demand.)

    So the only way to escape the boundaries of life, is to become a "god". The only currency of the economy of "life", is time. I believe it's possible to achieve "god" status, by escaping the boundaries of life. I've watched so many videos over the internet that I know, without a doubt, that a new era of discovery is coming. They are already able to clone organs. Isn't it within our technological capabilities to create a system, that would keep humans, since we are the most complex and evolved form of life (life has levels, would you consider a virus to be life? what about plant cells? don't you see that they have an economy present, supply and demand creates the drive. It's just a rule, a simple truth. But only because we are the most complex life forms, can we observe this. Do I need to explain why we are the most complex life forms now?)

    The point of it all… to be on top.

    Everything makes sense and can be explained, there are no questions left to ask.

    This conversation goes 1000x deeper then what I'm willing to write, but just remember, survival of the fittest is just the process of evolution (call it a rule, call it a pattern; it's all semantics). The question you need to ask, is can we escape the limits of life by controlling time, living forever.

    But like I said, I don't have any questions left to ask. Ask questions or debate me all you want, I'll just enlighten you.

    • LucretiusCarus

      The fact that you wrote this:

      This conversation goes 1000x deeper then what I'm willing to write, but just remember, survival of the fittest is just the process of evolution (call it a rule, call it a pattern; it's all semantics).

      means you lose.

      I'm glad I only skimmed the rest and skipped to the end.

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    • hktelemacher

      "Everything makes sense and can be explained, there are no questions left to ask."

      If you truly believe this, then neither I nor anyone else can help you. You are terminally stupid.

    • Lakeview

      Cool story, bro. Pfffffttttt…..

    • Mickens

      Stopped reading after your argument started with "I saw a video one time.."

  • RedClyde

    Brad started his argument by saying boobs 3x, so i did not read it. Instead, I noticed burn your bra HD and went there instead. I wonder if he was hoping for intellectual debate in the comments of the Chive…

    • Brad

      Thumps UP 😛

      • https://www.facebook.com/justinMski Justin Michalski

        Apparently not 👍

  • hii

    ive also thought about that little percentage with the monkeys. but i never put it into the perspective us being the monkeys to aliens. thats deep

  • Tom

    Chive, get rid of that ad crap on the bottom of the mobile site. I am really close to being non-chiver. Sell outs.

    • J.S. Wright

      How else do you expect them to keep this site running? Their almost non-existent tshirt revenue?

      Yes, they're sell outs because they want to keep the site running for short-sighted morons like yourself. unCHIVE yourself. We don't want you here.

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001048362918 Jason Brooks

    my mind is officially blown, thanks for posting this it was extreamely facinating to watch.

  • LucretiusCarus

    I'm surprised there aren't any comments by bible-thumpers saying this guy is wrong because the earth is only 5,000+ years old.

    • https://www.facebook.com/justinMski Justin Michalski

      I don't think thumpers visit here all that often

  • Bill

    Is it possible that another form of life whose DNA is 1% different from humans turns out to be a new species of chimpanzee instead of a supposedly more intelligent one?

  • anon

    NdGT 2012!

  • bpierson85

    I don't know which came first but this was an episode of Futurama. Da Vinci was an alien from a hyper intelligent planet that made professor Farnsworth look like a drooling idiot. For that reason I don't find it as disturbing as funny.

  • Lou

    There are large differences between man and Chimpanzees, as he points out. But only a 1 or 2% DNA difference. So maybe DNA isn't everything. I don't think that negates his point though, that a different chemical composition could easily exist elsewhere and be far smarter than we are.

  • Chiclets

    Mind blowing,

  • Kmac

    Still believe in God.

    • P90

      We atheists don't usually have a problem with others who have the belief in some kind of higher power, that's fine, what we do hate is religious types who deny scientifically proven facts such as evolution.

      • woolanoow

        Or the eye evolution, right?

        • hktelemacher


  • Andrew

    well if you believe this and you believe that we came from bacteria and microorganisms, from a rock that came from a another planet due to some giant asteroid, that in turn came from an exploding star then how did or what created the star in the first place. and as for the disturbing thought, thinking that aliens are smarter than us isn't something new, in all of the alien movies they always have some type of ray gun or weapon and can travel mass distances in space and go at the speed of light so just from the movies we already figure that they are smarter than us because we have yet to create their weapons or travel through space. take the movie Independence Day for example.

  • the_mike

    1% Smarter??

    <img src=http://media.giantbomb.com/uploads/6/67196/2088564-watch-out-we-got-a-badass-over-here-meme_thumb.png>

  • Jwill

    Is that sinbad?

  • SteezDeezl

    According to all the drugs I've done, the forward 1% life forms would not think of science as science but simply living. They would have the knowledge to transcend time and space and manipulate matter with the power of thought..since all of the above is energy. Think of dr manhattan from the watchmen; Omnipotent, omnipresent, spiritually godlike. As humans we can evolve a bit at a time and the closest we have come are Jedi like.

    Shit is crazy, but look at the proper placement of my semicolon in my first little paragraph. Fuck yea.

  • T.K.

    Why is 1% such a small number to him? Think about the amount of cells that changes. it makes a HUGE difference. It isn't just one percent. It's stupid to even think that. There are over a hundred trillion cells in the body for various tissue and structures. In other words we have 1 trillion cells the monkeys don't have. 1 trillion!! 1 000 000 000 000 cells!! That is NOT a small number. It is actually quite significant.

    • T.K.'s helper

      Ah… DNA difference T.K. not "cell" difference. He was talking about nucleotides . And not even nucleotides really. He's talking about 1% difference in the ordering of nucleotides.

  • Cal1

    If I was ET and was looking at the human race I would avoid them, we do nothing but destory ourselves over natural resources rather than banding together for alternative fuels and destory each other over stories that we call religion

  • David.

    I sometimes wonder if we are smack dab in the middle of another evolution of the human species. There are a lot of idiots out there that would have no idea what this man was talking about. Idiots can all talk to each other, but they would have a hard time communicating with someone brilliant. And if we are that close to chimp DNA, perhaps Idiot DNA is just barely above that and the rest of the human race is moving on creating an evolved species of human.

  • Hanny HK

    WTF!?!? I don't get it …. why is everyone in awe of what this guy has said? I refuse to believe this entire thread full of uneducated idiots?!? (*sigh* There may be be intelligent life in the universe but it is not on earth).

  • Scotty

    Yay, pantheism…. Now that's not at all ridiculous.

  • defaultuser

    Another point that I don't think was mentioned, imagine the same scenario as he pointed out, but these "others" are actually at the same level as us. Imagine they're almost identical to us, even look like us but are, let's say 200 years more advanced "civilly" than us (exagerated best case scenario). Now I understand that there's a small possbility that they would be interested in us from an solcioligical/anthropoligical point of view, but if we're all made of the same elements, than we're all looking for the same natural resources. What has history shown us when one colony meets another who is less advanced socially or civilly than they were and had a (relatively speaking) abundance of natural resources that serve their colony.
    We aren't going to "find" anyone worth communicating with, we're going to be found

    That, in my opinion, is almost a best case scenario.

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