Animals that don’t suck (44 Photos)

  • ben

    #44 DOVAH PUG!

  • John

    #21 Master Shifu!

  • fasteddie82

    #8 This photo would never make the news…Pits are the best dogs. It's all about the owners. I love seeing stuff like this as opposed to the negative light the media shines on the breed.

  • Patrick


  • Damian

    #44 Instead of the CGI Lucas added that ruined the films, they should have gone this route.

  • mith


  • DrFunkenstein
  • AlsDisciple

    Elwood: It's 106 miles to Chicago, we got a full tank of gas, half a pack of cigarettes, it's dark… and we're wearing sunglasses.

    Jake: Hit it.

  • Sylvain Roy

    #39 im tornado proof!!!


    #16 Dum dee dummmm…I'm a parent filming my kid being chased by racoons. Should I be fuckin worried??!!!

    • mittens

      Yeah, because we all know that racoons hunt in packs, like velociraptors. That kid was probably disemboweled and consumed within seconds. I doubt the parents could have saved her, even if they tried.

    • Guest

      Raccoons are some of the worst disease carrying critters on the planet.

  • BostonChiver.

    #5 makes me miss my english springer, his name was Luigi…and he was the shit.

  • Dennis Swearer

    #28 ::Music:: Troy and Abed in the morning! ::/music::

  • JoeyBoy

    Glad to see Bieber is back in school…

  • TiaP

    Just walking my lion… no big deal.

  • The dude

    #1 slow learner and he's always late, but he tries hard

    Also, #3 is awesome

  • Rezman

    Nothing better than Huskies

  • Plurp

    #1 " Aloha, Mr. Hand."

  • Big Duke 6

    #10 like a boss

  • HurstGertrude

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  • Spencer Anderson

    #3 Needs an intervention

  • KayakAggie

    #31 This looks nothing like the inside of Minute Maid Park.

  • Jordan

    I have a feeling that i know the dog in #23

  • dirtysteve99

    #16 lookit all them coons chasing that white gurl!

  • Stephen Gondek

    Does anyone know what this cat breed is? Looks just like my cat and we have been trying to figure out what he is for awhile now…

  • iDream of Jesus

    #25 oh its stevie nicks.

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