Daily Morning Awesomeness (26 Photos)

  • beef curtains

    #4 Soon…

    • 0331

      It brought a tear to my eye.

  • Murray


  • Ander

    #1 Mom always said I should be outside

  • johnny boy

    #19 Insanity

    • benz

      Scott Stevens. Always insane

    • MattyDeuce

      I biff everything cool on a snowboard that I try. And then I feel sorry for myself and drink heavily ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Vicious cycle.

    • Akdude

      This is what happens in Anchorage, Alaska when we get 135 inches of snow.

  • Art

    #4 Nuff said

  • MattKL

    #4 Nomnomnom

  • http://www.facebook.com/the1j.reed Jonny Reed

    #26 having a 6 month old I now understand all of this! Lol

    • https://www.facebook.com/Luispedrosato Luis Pedro Gonçalves

      4 question rules

    • Dr_StrangePants

      Question 5 had me bawling

    • Unfkngblvbl

      try having a 5yr old, 6 yr old and an 11 month old. It takes these to another, I give no fucks, level.

      • davo

        glad to be without any kids aka money drainers! the only downer is i'll eventually have to listen to all my idiot mates talk about their kids! then bring theirs kids to parties etc. good thing the wife and i are in another country!

        • Unfkngblvbl

          those three "money drainers" got us $3,000 back on our taxes this year.

  • Bluntaholic

    #10 pffft I can do that with both feet at the same time…..double jointed hips FTW.

    • Bluntaholic

      http://img684.imageshack.us/img684/761/doublejoin… – tighter angle on feet
      http://img11.imageshack.us/img11/5986/doublejoint… – pulled out a bit so you can see my beer belly

    • 12345

      Pics or it didn't happen.

    • TheAutomaticMan

      no such thing as "double jointed" i think you meant "flexible hips" Double jointed implies that there are in fact two joints where there normally is one. You would be a medical anomaly, and be all over TV.

      • Bluntaholic

        wondering whats more strange, that my doctor said they appear to be double jointed or that he didn't call the 5 o'clock news.

    • DB Conor

      So can I. Just put my shorts on backwards.

  • transvaginal mesh

    #24 I liked her better in the toilet.

  • ben

    what the hell is the point of number 3? i hope whoever picked from the photos to put on this dar was a chick, cuz number 3 is gay as fuck

    • Art


    • derp

      This actually the daily morning awesomeness post…check back much later for the DAR

    • DrFunkenstein

      It's called respecting the 'stache you homophobic cretin. Do us a favor and crawl back into your hole.

    • dawgbone

      There is a fire somewhere, go play in it.

    • guest

      You are not a real chiver yet – keep calm.

  • realzoo

    FTW…..#4………..Bacon for days!!!

    • RandomTask09

      No, bacon will be gone in a few minutes.

  • fuckoffetcrr

    too bad you don't understand the lame-ness of your comments

    • OrgazoidHD

      you're commemt is awesome, you really put him in his place. well done you.

      • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

        and well done on your equally condescending comment my friend.

        • JHL1

          I want to get thumbed down too. The people above me suck.

      • davo

        i think people with kids downed his comment because it hit home too closely

  • Turbodude

    Right in his wicket

    • SpacemanSpiff

      Serves him right!

      no i'm just kidding, i just wanted to bash something i don't understand

      off to do some research on the rules of Grasshopper…

    • Sean-John

      Nah, that's close but just upper and inside thigh. Still had to sting. If he's not wearing a cup I guess there's always the possibility that he leans to the right and then he might have that feeling of coughing his nuts up .

  • etcrr

    #7 this is a very cool pic for many reasons

    • mrjimmyos

      Wtf, whys this comment thumbed down? It is an awesome picture for many reasons

      • etcrr sucks

        because etcrr is a fucking douche bag, so fuck him, and fuck you too!!

        • Hugh

          So mrjimmyos gets a "fuck you" for not knowing about etcrr? That's not a very Chive attitude mate.

          • guest

            unfortunately it IS the Chive attitude lately.. as with most every good site, the idiots have taken over the comment section..

          • mrjimmyos

            LOL its okay, made me laugh to be honest, I mean how would I know who the guy is XD

        • CreepsAreForKeeps

          You are a moron. Nice attempt at cyber bullying, I bet it makes the pain go away. Grow up or fuck off.

          • defender

            don't forget to log back in stan

    • Martin_McFly

      It's fake. Trust me.

    • Craigery

      "this is a very cool pic for many reasons"

      List them, please. We can't read your mind.

    • Sean John

      Too bad Zemeckis actually destroyed one of the life sized delorean's at the very end of BTTF3 (once Marty gets back to the present and a train is waiting for him).

      • del

        too bad they still manufacture them today, in Texas. look it up.

  • Chicago Sean

    #5 Nekromantix. Pretty awesome band. That looks like a photo from early in their career.

    • Chicago Sean

      #6 Oops.

      • Lame ass troll

        kinda looks the same to me

  • https://www.facebook.com/kirk.schuman Kirk Schuman

    Find her

    • Ryan

      Me next!

    • THT

      i think this is Danielle Lloyd . . .

      • JHL1

        I don't think so, but it is always fun to google images Danielle Lloyd anyway.

    • Meowmix

      I'm pretty sure she can be found in a high school classroom

  • MrSusan20

    #11 Dear americans. i understand that this sport may be unfamiliar to you, so let me just explain this picture; a cricket ball is harder than a baseball and is bowled (pitched/thrown what the fuck ever) at speeds usually on par with a fast ball in your 'baseball'. it is also typically bowled so that it bounces in front of the batsman, so that mo fucker is coming up from underneath. deal.

    • tapsnapornap

      Nobody asked, Mr. Susan. And the ball speeds are about the same, record speeds are 105MPH for baseball and 100MPH for cricket.

      • MrSusan20

        dude, nobody needs to ask, and i'm reasonably sure i said they were similar. 105 and 100 seem fairly similar.

        • tapsnapornap

          Yeah I'm an idiot, sorry, except about the nobody asking part.

          • Bollyver

            That bat doesn't look legal, oh well I'm sure he'll get a 200 mil contract next year.

      • OrgazoidHD

        thats what 'on par' means moron. well done you.

        • tapsnapornap

          Yeah that's why I said I'm an idiot…not sure what I thought I read at that time of day, clearly I was huffing gas as usual.

    • Logicyup

      Dear MrSusan, I understand that many people think we are clueless and have no idea about things not covered in cheese and bacon, so let me explain. Everything people base their stereotypes of America is based on the 5% of us that are down right retarded, where as most of us are not that stupid. I get it is hard to understand this when people form their opinions based on only what they see, which is typically news or t.v shows that are either scripted or blow things out of proportion. Although cricket is not widely popular in America, it is still known, and those who don't know of it, aren't sports fans in general and therefore have no need to know if it. Also, as a person who has been lucky enough to travel to many different places I would like to point out the fact that America does not in fact hold the world's supply of stupid, lazy, and or fat people. They are to be found in every nation. Though we may have the lions share of over weight people, but then again, we produce the lions share of the food produced throughout the world. To get to the point, cricket sucks, no one cares. Maybe if they covered it in bacon and cheese it would be more interesting. ๐Ÿ™‚ And nope not "mad bro" having a wonderful day so far.

      • MrSusan20

        successful troll? just so's you know, im australian, and australia is now more overweight than the states. percentage wise obviously, your population is like 12x ours, so i get that not all the bacon cheese covered magic happens over there. as far as the whole sports thing is concerned, cricket is to USA as baseball is to australia. then we each have our respective footballs. you guys have your thang and we have ours. ๐Ÿ˜€

        • Logicyup

          Lol sarcasm doesn't travel well on the internet, thought my bacon and cheese thing would get it done but i guess not. Oh well, happy Wednesday ๐Ÿ™‚

          • MrSusan20

            …i get the feeling that you and i are operating on slightly different wavelengths here. but thats ok, we'll just chalk it up to me being distracted as i type one-handed while riding my kangaroo upside-down ๐Ÿ˜‰

            • MrSusan20

              *an idiot.

              • JHL1

                Can I borrow your kangaroo?

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=503328211 Micah Cox


        • StickyWickets

          Please no more "winning."

    • Brutal Deluxe

      Even without understanding how cricket is played or the equipment or speed involved in delivery, we all understand getting hit in the nuts with stuff is hilarious. Even if we're all jam-packed with bacon.

    • 0331

      Everything I need to know about Cricket I learned in a Douglas Adams book.

      • JHL1

        Yeah, those white robots seem like a tough team to beat, but that's somebody else's problem.

    • Lisa

      I'm pretty sure no one was confused about whether or not a ball to the junk was going to hurt

      • MattyDeuce

        Agreed. I'm very certain that regardless of the speed of a cricket ball, and although I've never been hit in my balls by a cricket ball, that it defeats male-ball every time.

        • Si1entStatic

          Agreed, Agreed… If any guy who saw this pic didn't wince just a little bit either had surgery to remove said "male-ball" o.0 or was the last to be picked at school recess……

          • JHL1

            Agreed, Agreed, Denied, Agreed, Agreed, Denied, Agreed. Balls.

      • tapsnapornap

        Don't they wear cups in cricket? I guess it still hurts…

    • The dude

      Yo boys, if you look closely, you can see this dude about to be clipped in the nuts. That's funny in any country. Just sayin.

      • http://www.myspace.com/theamericanmaniacs BentWrenches

        Excuse me,I'm just going to hijack this thread to say #14 Is hilarious,Because I've done that before.

    • Jamie

      Cool story bro!! Piss off Wanker !!

  • Lazidude202

    #23 D'awwwww ๐Ÿ˜€


      That's a diabetus inducing picture if ever I saw one

  • ToewsFTW


    Well maybe if you didn't put your boob in his hand he wouldn't have gotten so stiff.




      But seriously, she has a pretty fantastic rack.

    • 650

      lol nice one. I can't quite tell…is she wearing yoga pants? Maybe all the meat went to her bazongas and she has stick legs – those pants look pretty loose.

      • LIKE A BOSS

        Yeah, cause I want to motorboat her legs.

  • Logicyup

    #3 Reminds me of my dad, first time I saw him without a mustache I was about 4, scared the crap out of me. He never shaved it off after that.

    • Chicago Sean

      And your mother's vagina has been tickled ever since.

    • snooze

      Without Mustache = Ass
      With Mustache = Badass

    • Unfkngblvbl

      I'd like to see "some guys were born NOT to have a mustache."

      • ale

        Like Micheal Cera…

    • Kenny

      Tom Selleck looks like Saddam Hussein now tho…

  • Chase

    #25 toooo true lol

  • Oregon_country

    #16 (Ksshh) Mom, I want your bewbs.

    • steve

      Join me, it's dark on this side of the room and i'm scared (Ksshh)

    • JHL1

      Luke, you are my father.

  • Lame ass trolls

    A new low in lame, that is DMA

  • tapsnapornap

    Not so awesome DMA, imo…

  • ugh


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