I’ve never seen such dedication taken for a simple roomate prank (22 Photos)

  • bobby

    like many others…i don't get it. it would make more sense if he was not in the room. otherwise, what's the point of painting the wall?

  • Needlegun13


  • thechevron

    why would you paint it and put a picture up if he was on the otherside and wouldn't be able to see them anyway?

  • dominantone

    dude must have been passed the fuck out to not hear a wall being built at his door.

  • Brown Bear

    would've been better if he wasn't home at the time

  • https://www.facebook.com/brent.misfeldt Brent Misfeldt

    Would have been funnier if the guy came home (not already in the room) and didnt see his door. The look on his face would be hilarious.

  • Fons M.

    The guy was an exchange student. The room was walled of for three months while he was in Australia.

  • organix85

    #3 Ok… so what's up with the picture of a shirtless dude in the room? Seems to me to be a good ol' haze the gay roommate prank.

    • Not a fan

      Pretty sure they are all gay. Why else would they be so into redecorating.

  • elliott

    finals week? better bullshit

  • Alex

    Seen that before its already been done. Saw it on MTV and it was better.

  • Jammy

    Given the absolutely horrible tape and float job they should have just saved their money.

  • Danno

    Why does this guy have a picture of a shirtless MALE model hanging in his room… WTF

  • casey

    Whats up with the naked poster of a guy in #4??

    • casey

      i meant #3 lol

  • OneDayDelay

    but really, how much do u guys get paid to sit on reddit all day?

  • Guest

    He climbed in through the window after getting back to the house.

  • Mr. Poland

    #19 Am I the only person slightly disappointed that they didn't include the baseboard?

    • mgb23

      That's exactly what I thought when I saw that it was missing.

  • Jimjack

    He probably thought he had entered the House of Leaves.

  • tyler

    Roommate* FYI.

  • Lawrence

    no baseboard? huh…

  • peter

    I would like it better if he was NOT home. It would have been great to see his face when he turned the corner and found out that his room was GONE – especially if he was drunk.

  • Ned_Plimpton

    #3 Nice poster, homo

    • Jamie

      How do I know you are gay?? Because the poster is the only thing you noticed!!!! Are you going to come out of the closet or just let it burn down around you???

  • Bruins chiver

    Clearly they took the picture of him looking thru the whole after the prank was done. come on now people lighten up. It was pretty funny.

    • Endo

      Hole. Idiot.

  • Not a fan

    Would have made a lot more sense if he came home and his door was gone. This whole thing makes zero sense.

  • Anonymous

    They forgot the baseboard….

  • sm0kadab0ngo

    why cant everybody just laugh instead of asking the same damn question over and over? I didnt know how many fucking idiots were on the chive

    • Endo

      Because what's funny about people trying to bee cool and get on the internets with a prank that is clearly fake? If it were a legit prank it'd be funny as hell.

    • Not a fan

      After your pot wears off, you wont think it is so funny.

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