Join theCHIVE’s free fantasy MLB league on Draftstreet and win $400

  • KeepCalmDriveOn

    #1 Derps sold separately

  • big_james

    Why? It's baseball.

    • tinyonwirk

      Dont tell me, you like soccer lol

    • OGMrWhite

      The creator off all fantasy games, rookie.

  • Lane Smith

    Evidently MT residents can't….:(

  • Whoopi_G


  • sean

    Just had to use a picture of the Mets sucking, didn't you? I know there really isn't any other kind of picture of the Mets, but it still hurts, man.

    • chiefer

      Mets fan here, feeling the same pain.

  • marcuzio

    where are the cincinnati players?

    • Larry

      The 2 day games are not included in the freeroll, which are the yanks vs sox and the reds vs cubs.

  • saltygary

    As a Mets fan, I just want to thank you for showing Lucas Duda derping.

    • @joeyhoffs

      As a real Mets fan, I just want to tell you, that Fernando Martinez.

      • saltygary

        Haha good job. Today's game has me a little shell shocked.

  • Bigtimetimmyjimjam

    Hmmm… having trouble signing up now. Anybody know if its filled up or something?

  • Lee

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