theCHIVE’s Indiana University Meetup (41 Photos)

Last year, on a whim, we decided to go back to college, rent out a bar, and see how many (if any) Chivers would show up. It was a complete accidental success and we vowed to return again to burn out what remained of our youth and drink the bottom out of Bloomington.

This year we returned to the upstairs at Kilroy's on Kirkwood for Chive Five (the weekend before IU's famous Little Five bike race). All the beer was on us, no corporate sponsors, no tickets, and the first 100 people in line received free limited edition IU KCCO's. All we asked in return was a $5 donation to the Indiana University Dance Marathon supporting Riley Children's Hospital.

When we arrived, we war blown away. The line to get upstairs stretched through downstairs and outside the bar. Last year we burned through 65 pitchers of beer. This year the Chivers rang up 470 pitchers of beer. Wow. Who knew you can measure % of annual audience growth based on pitchers consumed from one year to the next? Go figure.

Thanks to all the staff at Kilroys and especially to all the Chivers for your kind words, input, and Olympic-level beer drinking ability. theCHIVE would be nothing without y'all and we don't take that for granted for a second. We'll see you next year.

Next stop: New York City.

  • omare

    too much c()ck

  • Heisenberg


  • Jedi

    This is probably asking for a fucking miracle, but if you were to do a Little Rock edition, that would be sweet! If I have to dig up Civil War rednecks to attend, I will dammit!!

  • PDiddily420

    Guy love,
    That's all it is,
    Guy love,
    He's mine, I'm his,
    There's nothing gay about it in our eyes.

    It's guy love

  • SquirePete

    #1 My brother was there. He's up in the window, rud IU Chive On shirt…

  • SaltLakeChiver

    University of Utah?

    Also, I would LOVE to get my hands on a black KCCO. Just sayin'


  • Tristan

    #20 Looks like Mac had about 70 of the 470 pitchers…You may need to adjust your analysis on annual audience growth. lol love it

  • 1/2 FunandDon'tCry

    #2 You have got to ditch that scarf, you look like your hiding something in the closet

  • Micks

    #39 kudos to you kind sir!

  • ChiveDownUnder

    was in Chicago visiting from Australia and managed to make it down. ran into you lads friday night at sports and was extremely blotto. came into KoK Saturday but got dragged away by a chivette I met. You lads definitely know how to chuck a good one. well done! KKCO

    • frankus

      did you get her in the tradesmans entrance?

  • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

    Too bad I couldn't make this one. This is on the bucket list, to make a Chive meetup. I'm not in college, well past it actually. I'd help build a beer pitcher pyramid, though…

  • jroc

    well did you guys fuck some girls or what?

  • RickIU2005

    When do those IU shirts come on sale, couldn't make it down from Chicago… but i want one… bad

  • jason

    Mac looks like a faggot. Stop taking pictures like a 15 year old.

  • AnyoneForCoffee


  • chames

    #7 you mad bro?

  • Momo

    Makes me wish I was back at IU….

  • kevin

    Wow Indiana, struggling on the hot girls department.. maybe 1 in that whole post… CHIVE; please do this same thing in Austin, Texas… your mind will be blown.. I promise

  • Joe


    The guy in the middle is just fucking creepy. Way too old to be hanging with college kids.

  • matt

    #37 someone tell me where to get this bad boy!! U-S-A! U-S-A!

  • Dylan

    Whole lot of "FIND HER" in this gallery

    #10 #18 #19 #22 #24 #29

  • kevin

    BTW; MAC looks like a d-bag…. I wouldnt think you guys would hire a d bag for an intern.. hopefully im wrong

  • Kennedyirl

    Chive…please do this in Dublin…Ireland…PLEASE.

  • MattKL

    Man, how sloshed was Mac?

    #39 Good on ya Grant, you're a hell of a human being!

  • I-Need-$$

    #18 Find her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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