Classy women: You won’t find them here (30 Photos)

  • Duu

    I thought all the big women were in America?

  • el profe

    If those are the women in Liverpool, I now know why Liverpudlians are so into the Reds. Poor sods.

  • chivrmx

    I see many Adele sisters

  • Mic

    Yep it's England for sure. Most of the women are fatties with legs like a pool table

  • UMass_Chiver

    #10 Adele?

  • Robert

    These dumb bitches aren't fooling anyone. Iv'e seen classier girls at the strip club.

  • ZenMaster

    Are these pictures of Jersey Girls?

  • Ali Tawharu

    Tis the same at every single big race meets in NZ and Oz too!

  • dirty yank

    ugly, drunk, fat chicks recipe for a disaster or really good time!

  • Dr. Evil

    So let me get this straight? Hundreds of drunk chicks?

    Just gotta lower my standards a little and … SCORE!

  • Thomas

    Best album…….F'ing hilarious!!

  • Jeff

    Wow… And people think American women have obesity issues… What do you guys think?

  • Trevor

    was it a requirement for women to be between slightly thick and downright fat to attend this thing?

  • @Dosanthemum

    Thanks Chive! Now if I ever need to give someone the definition of 'shitshow' I can just link to this post!

  • LumpySpacePrincess

    This is so gross. Not just the blatant disregard for the environment (look at all that trash), but no matter how hard those women try, they will always look hideous (look at all that trash).

    • GastonGustav

      An American saying Europeans have a "blatant disregard for the environment", really?

  • WolffmanRob

    Wait… Are they all British?

  • caait.e

    this is my kind of party!

  • whatevs

    Why are the women so ummmmm……. LARGE???

  • tommy2X4

    Some of them have got to be the Beatles bastard grand daughters.

  • Matt Damon

    looks like fun and still more class than Jersey Shore.

  • KAG

    Wow, no hot ones at all

  • aussie aussie aussie

    lottsa fatties on offer here….

  • Grammer

    Yep, that's Liverpool!

  • drea72

    #26 her ankles said 'NOPE!'

  • myles

    you should c cup week in Melbourne late october early november 1 week that turns into 2 weeks of slapper city they all end up like #23

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