Classy women: You won’t find them here (30 Photos)

  • Sam

    one word Skanks!!!

  • KaufmanHerman

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  • jayd

    #21 look its Dana White!!

  • drbman

    #22 most of the *classless* women have weight issues!!

  • Trailer Ray

    i have the weirdest boner…

  • JohnD

    Hilarious Post! Great for Friday 420

  • Lisa

    You can take the girl out of the trailer park…

  • jkmcdermott

    #21 – find her. English chicks are monsters and Liverpool is a slum. Stay very far away.

  • Barry

    thank G-d for 1776! you rock George Washington!

  • noir

    The brits don't believe in trash cans.

  • MickLAD

    Gotta love scouse birds! They do know how to party 🙂

  • evo

    30 photos, 4 fat chicks and all you guys talk about are how fat the women are.
    Do you guys have visual issues or unrealistic ideals of thinness?

  • TRCamps

    is #19 a woman?

  • Magee

    gypsy wedding?

  • Hayley

    For the women who make an effort to look amazing at this event and behave properly its girls and pics like these that ruin it for them.. shameful!

  • Dickle

    You could have just titled this Post: Women Of The U.K.

  • Colombo

    You could have stopped with "Each year in Aintree" anyone English will know how bad its going to get

  • Kyle

    Whoever created this awesomeness of a day, come teach the United States this. The girls here are WAY too prude and money hungry and this kind of day will bring them back to their senses. I love girls, I love drinking with girls, but I don't like being around stupid drunk girls. Let them have this day to be stupid and drunk at the same time.

  • Wedgism

    AND the British tabloids had a go at the crowd at the The Melbourne Cup in Australia. 0_o

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