I’m sorry, you weren’t gonna use that EVER again were you? (30 Photos)

  • mike

    animals are assholes. but easier than kids! i love ma pup!

    • r@f

      #28 GOOD DOGGIE!!! GOOD JOB!

    • rromero

      Same here, I have 1 dalmatian and 2 chihuahuas and I love those little furry bastards, despite the fact that they always break something! 😛

  • etcrr

    #1 oh. I'm sorry were you still reading that?

    • Logicyup

      It's ok, was a twilight book. Telling people how your dog tore it the fuck up is a better story anyways.

      • abakala

        You still have to explain why you owned a twilight book in the first place.

    • StickyWickets

      Did you think of that yourself? I feel like I've heard it before.

  • TX Country Boy

    VERY familiar w/ #22. Same dog too. FML

    • MattKL

      How could you be mad at a face like that?!

  • MattKL

    #13 Sorry I spilled your cocaine.

    • hud

      it is a bag of flour

      • bud

        Thank you for clearing that up officer hud. For a moment, I was concerned it was baking soda.

    • stonewall_79

      If it was cocaine the dog probably wouldn't be alive.

  • UncleSam91101

    Bullshit. #23

    • KEN

      No doubt eh? What kind of a pumpkin would wait politely outdoors when he could just barge right in and take a soda? I call bullshit too.

    • robby

      as your lawyer, the dog is clearly seen in this photo with the crayon in it's mouth. this is indisputable evidence. if the glove fits, you can not acquit!

    • XOXO

      Exactly! I say he was framed!

    • MonkeyMadness

      All I know is the cat said "Here, hold this!"

  • Logicyup

    #12 Waiting til the dog craps out the pieces and cleaning them or spending 5 bucks for a new game altogether. Think I'd spend the 5 bucks, but hey, that's just me.

    • Dog owner

      He took the time to take the pic, I don't think he is too upset

    • Lev

      The Checkers app is free. Paid version is only $2 I think.

  • Oregon_country

    Darn cats are worthless and evil and don't care what they destroy.

    • Mr. Poland

      Yeah, not a single dog has ever destroyed anything, ever. Even though my cat has destroyed absolutely nothing in 7 months and each of the three visiting dogs (with their owners) has pissed and/or shit on the floor.

  • bingo

    #28 Dog just did you a favor.

    • Drew

      Nope, I wasn't going to use that again. Don't worry about it, Dog.

    • Mike

      Seriously, friends don't let friends watch take me home tonight.

    • Esb

      Good booooy

    • alex

      the moment i saw that picture, i knew there would be at least one of these comments.

      eff that movie.

  • Stevie Jay

    #23 Riiiiight, that really happened…

    • Craigery

      Yes, the dog selected different color markers, removed the caps, used them to draw on the window, and then put the markers away. Happens all the time.

  • Dan

    This ad at the bottom of my screen needs to piss itself

    • John

      To all you people crying about the ad. Shut up. Oh my god. Such spoiled babies there are in the world. Wow, that spit second it took me to close it really f-ed up my day. Nothing like tryin to keep calm.

      • mike

        oh go fuck yourself. the ad is annoying and needs to go the fuck away.

        • Tom

          I just wanted to add another stereotypical white dude name to this argument

      • old_person

        wouldn't go away for me. Using android phone. I'm not seeing it now that I am at my pc.

      • Dabears

        Well john that didn't seem to calm either now did it but really the ad sucks

    • erico

      I'd close it out, but it won't close, it just keeps showing up. is the chive selling out on us?

  • Rocks Off

    #19 Back off, I needz mah drugs!!

    • BSS

      Prescription drugs. Number one killer of in home pets. Not good.

  • NoOneElse

    Smartest. Dog. Ever.

  • tapsnapornap

    Never would've guessed the cat would try to steal the meatballs… #9

  • big baby jesus

    #28 good dog.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=654840083 Mike

      that movie was hilarious

  • marf
  • 3u77s3cs

    #18 why do you suppose that specific area was chewed up?

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1576675922 Brian Johnson

      cats love tuna

    • Mcchocolate

      gotta chew somethin'

    • Cheesehead

      Sally Rottencrotch

    • Corey

      Funk in the trunk.

    • Craigery

      Pants owner needs to stop going commando.

    • mazzie

      washing clothes has benefits

    • robby

      she probably still doesn't know why her boyfriend won't go down on her.

    • Repene

      The dog is telling it's owner he's full of shit.

    • TinTin

      well there you have it, the cat agrees. Your pussy smells like fish

  • marf
  • marf
    • hud

      just type # and the number, without a space, einstein.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1576675922 Brian Johnson

    why does #2 have planting soil in there bedroom?

    • majorfathead

      looks like *their garage to me

    • Craigery

      I think you meant #3. I was wondering the same thing.

      • Mike

        duh, for the cannabis grow in the closet

    • Gallus

      That sure looks like the interior of a garage to me. But I know lots of people who have plants in their bedrooms. Potting soil comes with the territory.

  • Trav1121

    #26 I have been saying it for years! Cats hate Christmas!

    • wtf

      thats a racoon…

      • Trav1121

        I dunno, dude. The lighting is bad but I don't think it is a coon.

    • HatBomb

      Or, they love christmas, so many shiny new things dangling around to BREAK!

      Definitely not a raccoon.

    • Gallus

      That's definitely a kitty. I agree that they love Christmas – and all the stuff they can get into …

  • dochandy

    #18 i hope you weren't wearing those when that happened!

    • Al

      I'm sure that happened cause they were already worn too much and this was a hint…

  • Doctor Icetea

    And no matter what they do, you just can't stay mad at them.

  • Mcchocolate

    #13 Charlie Sheen?

  • ick

    #30 my money is on the dog. a cat will destroy a roll of TP, but a dog will go back & open the package for more

    • Huzzah


  • passwordistaco

    #29 should have been a Gif

    • brandon

      the look on the cats face is shit i messed up

    • Unfkngblvbl

      good way to teach the cat a lesson.

    • Byron_Black

      I howled at this one!

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