Photos caught at the exact right moment (38 Photos)

  • Mike


    • to late


      • Dave


        You both need to die

        • 2Dogs

          lmao, perfect timing

    • MikesGf

      awesome! your comment makes me soooo HOT!! i just got the stangest boner ;-* will you take care of it for me again mikey?

    • rromero

      Why the fuck is so important to comment first?

      I visit this website every fucking day at all times and I only comment when I have something to say, not this kind of crap, next time please just keep it for yourself and avoid this type of replies!

      I apologize in advance for the grammar errors, English is not my first language; also for the swear words, it's been a long day at the lab.

      PS: Trying to improve, though.

  • bingo

    # 37 How did he get that much air jumping out of a pool?

    • Juann Strauss

      *sigh* the air pressure over a body of water is lower during summer. Less wind-resistence = bigger air.

      • flaccida$$hole

        its science…

      • DaddyD

        But you fail to note his skill in directing his fart to take advantage of the lower pressure.

      • Clarktheshark

        so you think that the .05 psi difference in atmospheric pressure due to temperature increase makes a difference? *sigh*

        • F.S.M.

          Unless that is the rare double troll….. TARD

    • jik

      lol you guys are funny. Ignoring the trampoline and talking science.

      • MylesofStyles

        I just checked my ATDS (Advanced Trolling Detection System), and she's humming.

        • Juann Strauss

          twenty internets to you.

  • Logicyup

    #20 needs quadruple breast reduction surgery, and well… a serious diet plan.

    • gessy

      Suddenly a wild wadi…

  • ur ass

    first mothafukkasss go suck sum anus

    • spud

      so sad!

      • queef

        dont feed the troll!

  • scotology

    #13 Matters, haven't had sex

    • spydermonkey

      His shirt says happy camper and she's got stains on her knees…perhaps a bj.

      • JHL1

        With that expression it looks like he's still cumming

  • Arlette Banks

    <img src="">#8 Her expression was so savage that I am afraid for somebody.<img src=""&gt;

    • Me.

      "Release the kraken!!!"

    • Joeyk


    • majorfathead

      'O' face

    • thedude325

      Should be a new meme

  • Juann Strauss


    • Juann Mediocrity


      • foop


        • TDub66


          • Habsy


            • Juann Strauss


    • JHL1

      Suddenly…. punctuation

      • Juann Strauss

        Yeah. LOL. I forgot to subscribe to replies the first time.

  • MattKL

    #16 'Merica!!

    • Troll-King


    • JamesBond

      photoshopped like a motherfucker

      • IrishWolfhound

        Photoshopped like a motherfucker who's bad at photoshop.

    • guy

      Chemtrail or contrail?

    • Habsy

      You mean #20 'Merica fuck yeah.

      • goglas

        Its Dubai actually ….could be an American diving though

  • Oregon_country

    #20 Oh that poor water.

    • cleojones

      dem tiddys are off da chain

  • hehaha

    #3 guy in red must be gay

    • robby

      i dunno, some of those female parts can get pretty stanky.

    • Dan

      No… he is not gay… he is black… everyone knows black guys don't eat P#@ssy!!

      • Tyrone

        true dat

    • Names

      maybe he just doesn't want to get p*ssy whipped– HI-YOOO!!

  • Chicago Sean

    #18 1 mile down, 25.2 to go.

    • JJJ

      love that two of the girls are wearing knee-highs for a marathon. hot.

      • Katebo

        Just a 10k. But still, it was in Texas. And it was toasty that day.

    • etcrr

      mooooar find her

  • TX Country Boy

    I've got the perfect pic for this gallery. What's bobs email??

  • Jimbozo

    #14 SOON.

    • dashete


    • JHL1

      I used to eat popcorn.
      I still do, but I used to too.

      • JHL1

        Even if that's really bread, Mitch rules.

  • Spas

    #38 Well, thats gonna ruin the paint job!

  • jaysus

    where is number 31?

    • WG27

      #31 I don't know but I saw it on an older post and thought the same thing. It looks F*cking AWESOME!!

      • Nemo Hoes

        looks very similar to the natural pool in Aruba. I could be wrong though.

    • Logicyup

      Between 30 and 32

  • tapsnapornap

    I don't think those are fish

    • fed

      true, but clearly he wanted to provide another take on the famous mob expression. "swimming with the mammals" doesn't have the same ring to it

      • tapsnapornap

        When you look really close, it would also appear that that person isn't swimming, but surfing.

      • LucretiusCarus

        and, uh, it's not "swimming with the fishes." The expression is "sleeps with the fishes."

        What the fuck is so frightening or dangerous about swimming with fishes? Fucking Amateurs.

        • Brutal Deluxe

          Most of the time, nothing. But once they lull you into a false sense of security…

      • puppetmaster

        hi stan, nice try

    • puppetmaster

      you are a lying sack of shit stantard

    • etcrr

      these photos were caust at the exact right moment
      perfectly timed photos are perfectly timed

      • JHL1

        (Even Stan can spell)

    • tapsnapornap

      I caught that, my humour is quite dry and I thought it was funny that he wasn't swimming and those weren't fish, that is all.

  • aussie aussie aussie

    mammals…..or even porpoises would have sufficed

  • hawking

    #31 – jump 20 feet into water that's shallow enough to stand up in. Supporting the wheelchair industry at least.

    • Billy

      You are an idiot and have obviously never jumped off a cliff………………….

    • HatBomb

      Looks like the other three made it just fine, ever think maybe its deeper in the landing zone?

  • Trav1121

    Haha! Tons of 2 seconds before 'Death by Water' pics today.

  • majorfathead

    Where is #6? because that is truly stunning

    • Falthor

      I remember seeing this in video format but I can't remember when. This is actually all about perspective in this picture… those people weren't in any trouble, but the angle is just right to make it look like the are.

    • Guest
      • majorfathead


  • Mcchocolate

    #16 A'Murica !

  • mattricky

    #29 on the right in the red. Please find!

    • Notme

      Heck, find them all!!

    • Chazz_B


  • Sumfing

    #3 Like a BAWSS!

    • Unfkngblvbl

      those legs!

  • etcrr

    Agreed my friend, but I think that it isn't a plan rather than a coincidence

    • brain damage

      huh? you make no fucking sense,

    • Lost Patience

      Man, I tried to give you the benifit of the doubt…but you really are fucking stupid. Why does everybody call you Stan?

  • Amy

    #21 that would make me so saaaad!

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