Rooftop gardens are a little slice of heaven for people without basements (32 Photos)

  • Carlos Rodriguez

    Are people really that distraught by the fact that they put the full gallery on the front page? Is it really that burdensome that you have to flip out and dish out insults? I guess people will be douches for any reason.

  • Dave

    Wow, not a big deal, didnt ruin my day. The only thing i would complain about was there was no Rooftop Chivettes. New post idea?

  • John

    Blah blah blah error front page blah blah

  • KTemp

    These rooftop gardens are amazing. What a much better use of roof space!

  • Hoagmeister

    Did we forget our WordPress manual this morning?

  • William Richardson

    I'm a landscape architect and I just thought I'd point out that these roofs were most likely designed in part or in full by a landscape architect.

  • WTF


  • nappy

    probably wont see that in arizona. its hot enough, we dont want to get closer to the sun.

  • JLBugbee

    I'd take my basement any day since I have a bar!!

  • Elyse

    These are beautiful pictures of gardens. I may have to think about the design of mine.

  • Tom

    #24 want

  • margaret

    #8 #19 #27

  •,6 Pamela (z13thstar) | Pearltrees

    […] Awesome rooftop gardens : theCHIVE ( theCHIVE) I’m sorry, you weren’t gonna use that EVER again were you? (30 Photos) […]

  • CH2468

    i swear that #20 is featured in the Spider-Man movie

  • Blue bronco

    They remind me of my 3 acres of property. Enjoy your city box

  • Quoc

    #25 is Fukuoka City Hall; Fukuoka is the largest city on Kyushu, Japan.

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