Screw the Klondike Bar, what would you do for a redhead? (38 Photos)

  • Still_Counts


    That's an awesome iGap!

    • maboze1x


    • Sid

      Just staring at the hint of toe there. so delicious.

    • crawdad


    • J2theR

      i'm just glad the iPAD isn't in for the gap

  • Ander

    #8 I would do horrible horrible things for this beauty

    • RGH

      Would destroy Alderaan be one of them?

    • Rex crotch

      Like probably catch syphilis.

    • skank

      You couldnt do anything worse to her that she hasnt already done to herself.

    • jhf60

      Which one?

  • etcrr

    #15 #24 #26 Wow they are really gorgeous, stunning and very sweet looking, Please find them and have MOAR of them

    • MattKL

      #15 Great smile, killer bod…yup, she's winning.

    • TX Country Boy

      #26 for sure. Great smile.

    • Matt Stoltz

      #24 Aspiring Comedian, friend of mine.

    • @beagleracing

      you included 24 and 26 and skipped #25? are you gay?

      • etcrr

        She is beautiful woman I can't list everyone however and I am not a piercings on the face

        • Yeah

          You're more like a piercing on the foreskin.

    • MrCCG


    • @BrushYourTeeth

      Yeah, I stopped on #24 and I had to pull back my hand from touching the screen once I realized it was only a photo

  • Arlette Banks

    <img src="">#7 #8 #20 these redheads are as hot as Tom's ex-wife. So sex… Enjoying them.<img src=""&gt;

    • Christian

      #7 is Leanna Decker, if you aren't following her Twitter page you are failing at life.

  • MattKL

    #19 Either way, you're a very pretty girl. How about a little from column A, a little from column B.

    • ABCdario

      Answering her question, obviously WITHOUT T-shirt it's way better

    • Anon

      Glasses imo

    • Gotta be fresh.

      paper bag on, shirt off

      • Anon


    • SilkySapper

      a little from each column, so you want her to wear a monocle?

      • TheAutomaticMan

        you made me giggle haha

    • penis

      how about without that ridiculous nose ring/doorknocker.

      • @ElijahDeWitt

        I happen to be a fan of piercings. It's a matter of taste.


      With, for almost any girl with.

    • chito

      without bra

    • GomerPyle


    • JLBugbee

      I would normally say with but I can see more boob in the without pic….but either way I like it!!

    • Tristan

      with..or without shirt

    • KyleGamgee

      How about with a nice smile? 🙂

    • Over9000


    • Jjo


  • Kanoo

    # 30 is one hot redhead 🙂

  • Oregon_country

    What ever they want, as long as they don't try to steal my soul so they can aquire one.

    • Bud

      That's only guys. Girls have no need for souls.

      • eric cartman

        BURN THEM WITH FIRE… They are vile and disgusting… they will come and steal you in the night.. and throw you into a pit of hot lava… be careful..

        • its_forge

          They will fuck you so hard you may very well die from it.

    • Rich

      Love it! I was married to a red head for 22 years! Not only did it cost me my soul.. she got the house, the money and even my dogs! I'm thinking brunettes for me from now on!

  • scotology

    #37 Youuuuuu

    • sucka

      My vote as well.

      • Ezz

        MY VOTE ALSO!

    • Robert

      The most incredable naturally beautiful woman I have ever seen…

    • Insnsprtn

      WHO IS THIS?!

    • Christian Stephens


    • neauxla


  • Matt

    #15 – moar! #19 – without.

    • Colin

      #19 get rid of the nose ring and we'll talk

  • TX Country Boy

    #23 Absolutely beautiful. Where are my Texas redheads?

  • Milling

    ❤ redheads ty chive

  • Joe


    With Glasses.

    • Jezza67

      Agreed, with. Hot either way though. Thanks for posting.

  • Owen


    • Chazz_B

      i'm in love

    • Insnsprtn


  • Rollout25

    #26 I need to stop falling in love with all the women that the Chive post everyday…I just don't know if I can keep taking the heartbreak

    • Badasallgetout

      Fap'in can put a lot of strain on your heart…

    • BostonChiver.

      Jesus Marry and Joseph….this girl is by far the cutest from this post I've seen in weeks. I am a sucker for hipster style glasses, and of course gorgeous red hair.

    • Repene

      I have to agreed. It's just not healthy to skip so many heart beats.

    • The Weekender

      You're ghey.

  • USSS Chiver

    Ohmigod #4
    Just sayin'

  • @PwnTra1n

    #19 with. also marry me.

    • number19

      will do:3 one condition. Get me a better camera…lol

  • Aqualung

    #22 Find Her!

    • find her

      agreed. she is hot.

      • Brian

        She has been on her a few other times. It's my gf. I'll send in some more pics.

        • Stewie

          You're lying Brian.

          • thedude325

            Agreed. Methinks she does porn.

    • Derek

      I know who she is Chive. Srs.

  • 2Dogs

    what would I do? screw the redhead of course

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  • Lazidude202

    Emma Stone is missing from this gallery 😦

    • mhuard5

      as well as Molly Quinn. She's adorable, and legal now so it's ok. A lack of Emma Stone is a tragedy, but the chivettes are putting in a strong effort today. I applaud them all.

      • its_forge

        Yeah Molly Quinn still makes *me* feel like Creepy Uncle Carl because she has SUCH a young look, but she is in fact 18 now and she is in fact very beautiful.

  • JRP

    #4, you are amazing…marry me haha

    • Bubba

      Don't propose and then make it sound like a joke….it's the quickest way to a painfull death!

    • Frugal

      no dizzy doubt, i wanna take #4 and #30 on vacation

  • Red Baron

    More plz.
    Reminds me of a young red head Laetitia Casta.

    • Gotta be fresh.

      Agreed. Best of the bunch. Find her! Then give us MOAR!

    • ryan

      im pretty sure she's wearing a Too Late the Hero shirt, and I was listening to them when i happened to see this pic…IT'S FATE!!!

  • The Man

    #19 definetly with the glasses.

  • @JoeyDenero

    My trousers feel funny…

  • mooseknuckle907

    #3 #8 #20 #27
    redheads with tat's! YES PLEASE!

    • reggie

      ahh yeah !!!! one time for da redheads wit &witout tats!hell yeah fuckn rt!

      • Buck

        I feel like you're trying to communicate with us, but I just don't know what you're saying.

    • Rex crotch

      The redheads of Strabucks?

    • F3n1x187

      I second this!! Redheads and tats are like kryptonite!!

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