Hot Right Now: The ‘Russian Kim Kardashian’ has the most insane curves on the planet (30 photos)

Screw the Klondike Bar, what would you do for a redhead? (38 Photos)

  • Rich Graff

    #4, #16 and #19. All three are exceptionally beautiful. 19-either way on the glasses. They do not detract from your looks at all.

  • Tiki

    #4 find her Chive.

  • naughtygrog

    #24 if there is any justice in the world there will be more!

  • Michael

    awesome list and all that, but how about only real red heads and no dye jobs… that would keep it more real!

  • MrCCG

    #15 Has it all. Beautiful smile, rockin bikini body, and she is already on her knees 😉

  • Connor Macmanus

    Great to see LEANNA DECKER make the redhead post again. #7

  • J-Sin

    #3, #7, #27…Gorgeous!

  • bman12688

    #5 #7 #8 and of course #20 Hattie Watson …… i'd wife 'em in the morning. that's what I'd do for a redhead.

  • jun

    #4 – no need to scroll and farther

  • Bobo

    the redheads with tats are solid but my favorites this week are #14 and #23. There are very few things i wouldnt do.

  • xavi

    #18 just made my day

  • Face

    #19 your face looks ridiculous in both pictures so it makes you look ugly with and without glasses. Try smiling

  • gringo

    ugh, if the eyebrows are dark, she's not a redhead.

  • hwath

    Moar #30

  • Falthor

    #19 With… it gives you that sexy librarian look. although without is nice too.

    #27 Damn that's a lot of Ink… great work though.

    #36 great pinup look.

  • mississippi2japan

    #23 is amazing. i think i'm in love.

  • Yo Mamma

    #5 #6 are easily the best on here


    Too many winners to list, though the tatted up ones are pretty hot.

  • Rollee

    I'm in love with #5 & #15

  • Alec Trevelyan

    Redhead post with no Faye Reagan? Son, I am disappoint.

  • Gregory Beeson

    moar #5 #7

  • dru0929

    Where do you get your redheads? They do not make redheads like this in the South, and it bothers me.

    • MER

      Yes they do, because I'm on this list and I'm one of them 😛

  • E-Rok


  • roadhog0

    Redheads? Y u sooooooooo hot?!

  • B11

    Pretty girls: #12 #16 #25 #30

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