• iChive

    For me, that was like showing Scarface to a coke addict.

  • Jason

    Or there's Nespresso Machines that are portable and does the exact thing but you can choose the intensity

  • boomer

    This thing makes my K-cup machine look like a hobo.

  • Lawrence

    Did anyone get a price on this?

  • Suri

    LOL. Get the fuck out of here…

  • scott

    i dont even drink coffee and i want it

  • Bobestradamus

    Shut the hell up, and take my money!

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  • cory

    Pretty clear that the Chive makes money off of advertisers that are selling oddities like this machine…

  • its_forge

    Pf, it's really just a top-fauceted version of the same big machine they use behind the counter at Olive Garden, the only difference is the buttons and the output spigot are on the top instead of the front. Otherwise it's precisely this down to the coffee-grinding, auto-puck-disposal and the refrigerated compartment for your milk.

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