Welcome back to the friend zone (23 Photos)

  • Anonymous

    I hate being friendzones : ^ ( I’m just a MIL (man in love)

  • IllinoisChiver

    can't leave zone when gay.

  • TiaP

    Seriously. There are people out there who actually think they're not banging each other. They are totally banging each other.

  • Jeremydium



  • Scotty

    #8 What a bitch.

    Guys, if you're lonely, get a dog.

  • KaufmanHerman

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    • Luka

      Very great idea Chive!! Just got back from posting on their wall, so glad to see all the suprpot!! This is why The Chive is so awesome in so many ways. Have a great weekend and Chive On!!From a fellow veteran

  • JohnD

    #15 WEIRDO!!

  • Rachel A. Hanson

    Oh boy… I have the apron in photo #9.

  • drewdeze

    #8 is brutal!

  • Collin

    I look at number one and want to hang myself. She looks like some people I fell in love with, and it reminds me that I will never see them again.

  • BritBerrier

    #22 too true!

  • PatrickBateman

    When did the Chive copypasta the retarded crap from 9gag? This is pathetic.

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  • Synackz

    I remember the friend zone like it was yesterday. Then, I noticed that I DID IN FACT have a nutsack. So I picked her up off of my couch, carried her to my bedroom and wore her out for SIX WEEKS STRAIGHT. Well. We did take a few breaks to go to work, eat, etc. But 'come' to find out, she had been wanting that for 7 years anyway. Does it matter that she was my best friend's wife years before? I CARE NOT. =)

    • Sohail

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  • The Mad Zak

    That is a great movie!

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  • http://the-dating-tips.com Mira

    Guys accept the friend zone as an insult but how many, if given the option to choose to be zoned or totally kicked out of a girl's life would choose the second?

  • Algotar

    deblob25738 on October 20, 2011 The hills have eyes 1 because it would be fareky and the game would be about you killing those monsters or you being the monster and attacking people.t( )

  • Wise Ninja

    To overcome Friend Zone.

    Become a dick and then she will want your dick! 😀
    Become nice and she will only want your advice! 😦

  • Russkie Babe

    #23 what the hell is the random Dean clip for?!?

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