You, my brown eyed girl (36 Photos)

  • Swayze_roundhouse

    Not second

    • Sadsadsad

      Sad… you probably skipped over all the beautiful ladies to get the "omg I'm awesome" first comment

      • Sawyze_roundhouse

        Except I didn't. So suck Dick Clark's dead cock faggot!

        • Dick_clark

          Coming from the guy trying to impress dicks instead of looking at chicks

          • Swayze_roundhouse

            And you're not trying to impress anybody by trying to call me out for being the first comment cuz I beat you to the punch?

            • Boobman


              • TheAutomaticMan

                Isn't it Bazinga? Assuming this is a Big Bang Theory reference at least.

        • Johnny K.

          That was awesome!!! Normally I'm the one with the "too soon" comments!

          Kudos on the blatant crassness of your comment… The whole "first" thing does make you a bit of a douche but hey, credit where credit is due…

    • Passie

      please find moar of 6,10 and 31

  • Dave

    All hot. Except #4 who is fucking hideous

    • Dave's BF

      I agree

      • Dave

        Lol look at you thinking you're funny because you put 'Dave's BF' as your name. Guess what? You're probably some ugly retard that has no one in life.

        You all need to get a life and stop being so pathetic. Some women are attractive, yes. Should that be the only reason you go on the internet? No.

        Try educating yourselves rather than staring gormlessly at a computer screen, then come back and 'thumbs down' me. See if I give a shit.

        • Dr. Fap

          ^^ Nerd rage level 99

          • Dave

            'Dr. Fap'? You must be at least 16! Congratulations!

            Get a life. Get a girl. Get a wife. Then learn to keep your idiotic typing fingers to yourself.

            • Dave's other BF.

              Yeah, she's disgusting!

            • A.Einstein

              You tell 'em, Dave. Knowing that you're here to keep people in line makes life that much easier to live.

              You, sir, are the hero of the interwebs and the skill with which you smack down complete strangers is the envy of all. Women must flock to your side to bask in the warm glow of your obvious genius and beg you to share your seed so that future generations may carry on what must be a truly superior strain of DNA.

              Your eloquence is inspiring, your insight to human character stunning, and your wit–your wit! Ah, me, I do believe I have never encountered such sharp wit before in all my life. To argue with strangers. . .that, sir, THAT is surely a sign of noble bearing and higher breeding. You are a jewel among the chafe, an example which we should all aspire to be more like less we continue to wallow in the gutter of life.

              I would go on, but words fail me when faced with your awesomeness. I must go, before the bright light of your epic existence blinds me. That, and I have to go take a shit. No worries, though. Before I flush it, I shall name it "Dave" and say a few words of parting.

              • A.Einstein

                Oops. Chaff not chafe. Damn these fingers.

              • Dr. Fap

                Thanks for the laugh that was an amazing response.

                • A.Einstein

                  I have my moments B)

            • techno_viking

              Dave sucks dick for coke.

            • Dr. Fap

              Its short for Dr. Fapenstein, forgive my laziness. Life, check. Girl, check. Wife, check. 16, I wish I was 16 again. My fingers do not have the capacity to be idiotic, you see, my fingers do not have a brain. Therefore they are incapable of thought.

          • Sean

            Over 9000!

        • Jiminy

          You sure did go to a lot of effort to write that post. That is for someone who must have a life / wife. Oh did you mean formlessly instead of gormlessly Mr. Education? I have your "thumb's down". Too your quotation marks are lacking.

          • Dave

            You're clearly not up to date with the English language you gormless idiot.

            "Too your quotation marks are lacking"? Learn to write and learn when to use quotation marks you fucking little cunt

            • Kevin

              Hahaha dude I've never seen someone so unnecessarily upset on this website. Honestly, the phrase "get a life" never applied better because you are seriously ignorant of whatever issues you have going on in your head.

        • Dave's Other BF

          WTF is this Dave? Are you going behind my back voicing unnecessary criticisms of women you never met then freaking out when someone sarcastically responds again? And who the hell is this OTHER Dave's BF? Excuse me? We have some talking to do! There you go again telling people to see if you give a shit when clearly, by your insane amount of replies, you do. Didn't we talk about this in couple's therapy? Why I never.

      • Dave's Manstress

        Dave have you been cheating again?

      • Dave's mom

        Dave, this is mommy. I'm worried about you as I keep finding crusty, stiff, Vaseline-filled socks under your bed. Do you have some sort of foot fungus? Should I buy you a cream at the store?

    • BBB

      I disagree…this is a 'brown eyes' gallery…#4 has amazing eyes.

      • everything's great

        Look's shopped. The eyes of Mila Kunis with somebody else's mouth.

      • Dave

        That is a fair point actually. Silly me.

        Apologies. Her eyes are beautiful.

    • Mr X

      Hideous? She's got a Mila Kunis thing going on!

      • Dave

        Except for the fat as fuck lips and man-jaw.

        • Dave's super BFF

          Yeah, she's absolutly hiddious! Like something a zombie would vomit up into a pile of donkey turds! Hey, you know what we shoul do?! Go back to the roller rink and make fun of the people there, level 10 style!! 😛

          • Dave

            If I had any idea what you were talking about then I might find that pathetic attempt at sarcasm funny. Learn to spell hideous then come back and try and act clever.

            • Dave's ass spots

              Now, now Dave, you know you had to google "hideous" to make sure you were spelling it correctly.

              • Dave's brown eye

                Dave loves me the best!

            • Dave's boss

              Dave I fucking told u that it's faster and more hygienic to clean the toilets with your hand instead of your mouth!! Get off the chive Or you're gonna be the first janitor we've ever laid off!!!

            • Dave's Dog

              Fuck you Dave! I got a much better offer to go live down the street. PS. Pissed on your shoe!

            • Dave's Neighbor

              Dave, I will not ask you again. You need to stop inviting my 6 year old son to your "Pants party", you are 14 for christ's sake. Ask him again and I will be forced to tell your mother.

    • PJW

      I don't think you understand the definition of hideous.

      • Dave

        I don't think you have standards. Either that or you're a fat loser and have very low standards.

        • Dave's other BF

          Dave, you are a turd! I'm dumping you for someone fitter, with a bigger penis. PS, can I have my One Direction CD back?

        • SlapChop

          Hideous, you say? Dave, is your idea of a good time sitting at home alone with your video games giving yourself first person shooters?

          • Dave

            Lol. Try 'Browsing theChive whilst I do work and be productive with my life'. I'm sure you can't say the same thing you fucktard.

    • No4

      So, I'm hideous? You just hurt my feelings…

    • Dave's Father

      I have neve been so ashamed of my son as I am right now!! Dave get back to your room at once, and as a punishment for your behavior I am banning you from watching Glee and The Wizard of Oz for a week.

      • Dave


        Now this one, I enjoy.

        • Dave's penis

          Dave, as your Father is stopping you from watching Glee for a week, does that mean you will leave me alone? Please! i'm tired.

    • stonewall_79

      WTF did you just write?!?!?!? are you a fucking retard?!?!?!

    • Dave's younger bro

      Hey Dave!!!! Mom says get up here. Your mac and cheese is ready!

      • Dave

        LOLOLOLOLOL look at me, jumping on the bandwagon.

        Come up with something original you little faggot.

        • Dave's bandwagon

          How bout I show you MY "brown-eye"..

    • Really?

      You know how I know Dave's gay?

    • Dave

      Why does my boyfriend's dick taste like shit?

      • JohnnyBoy

        Hey Dave.


    • LukeTheTerrible

      No Dave, I'M hideous. She is Gorgeous. And we don't look Anything alike.

    • Dave

      Look at all these replies! LMAO. You're such pathetic people. Read my first post – my opinion. Then read all the retarded shit you all wrote. Who's the one who can walk with his head held high? Me. Not you people, sitting in the dark, browsing desperately for anything close to a woman to masturbate over.

      You should all be ashamed of what you are. Desperate, pathetic people that have nothing else to do in life but sit on a computer and oggle at women.


      • A WOMAN

        Holly fuck, you men are all so stupid….. just look at the pictures, and if its for you then great, if not then make a comment on the one YOU like…. I seriously stopped making comments because of this very reason>>>> you say something and all the sudden every other person tries sooooooo fucking hard to prove your wrong….. its cool to have a CHIVE community, but some people are to serious….

        • A WOMAN'S MAN

          Hey Woman, did I say you could take the laptop in the kitchen. You'll get the keys wet while doing the dishes.

        • Grimlock

          *Holy *it's *you're *it's

          • Grammer

            Don't forget *too.

            • you guys...


      • Dave's little bro

        You're right Dave. There are a bunch of folks putting out a bunch of effort to let you know that we think you're a dick and would prefer if you left the Chive. And I'm not fucking with you either. Go …. Now ….
        Leave …. Get the fuck out … I'm serious … don't make me get all HIDEOUS on your ass you faggot. Take a hint. Still reading this Dave? Get the fuck out … go … fuck you … be gone …. click on the Berry … visit Sandusky …. anywhere but here.

        Sorry to all others than Dave

      • S.Freud

        Narcissism. I'd be my last cigar that dear Dave is a raging narcissist.

      • Carlo K.

        "Look at all these replies! LMAO. You're such pathetic people. "

        Bro… look at all YOUR replies. Seriously. It's hilarious. These are all one person per post talking back at you while all your replies are YOU. Embarrassing.

    • Dave's Penis

      This is your penis talking. Can you please get me enlarged? I'm tired of being laughed at and mocked everytime you drop trou to "Release the Crakken!" Also, stop calling me a Crakken. It even makes me chuckle a bit.

      • Bob

        Dave must be gay cos no man could resist #4, she is stunning.

    • Daves self esteem

      Now Dave, we've spoken about this matter before. You have to stop using phrases like, "little faggot" and "ugly retard" you need to stop projecting your views of yourself on others. A lot of good money went to all the therapy your parents paid for. I really thought we were over all this. Le sigh, you have slowly become as derpish as the rest. Telling people that they need to "get a life, get a girl, get a wife" if you had all these things, would you be constantly beating off to beastiality porn? And if these people need to get a life and stop being so pathetic, why are you still online? You say something slightly ignorant, and everyone else will join. I don't have that problem. Because, well I'm your self esteem. It's dark in here Dave, I think you've been in the closet long enoug. Your overly homophobic days can be over if you just twist the knob, and walk out of the closet. We all know how much you love knob anyway! Oh, also do you just not find her attractive because she isn't a dude? I mean, they are all hot except #4? come on Dave…'s time for you to get off the net, your palms look like chewbaccas.

    • Yonotan

      So, I'm almost positive that #4 and #10 are either the same girl or sisters. Which then, makes your previous post invalid. Also, I personally don't believe that you are in the wrong for expressing your opinion. The first amendment is very important to me personally because I'm an asshole who likes to say what I want. But, the difference my shallow friend is your ignorance calling her "hideous" you want hideous? You might want to try and go to another website. One thing most of us loyal chivers pride our selves in is that we celebrate women, in ALL their beauty. I personally am a white guy, who doesn't really like white women, but just because they aren't as attractive to me as Hispanic or Asians, I wouldn't go so far as to call them hideous. And I'm nit sure if perhaps it's time to make an appointment at the optometrist, but she has amazing dsl's and her jaw isn't even in the SLIGHTEST but square. I'm not bagging on you for stating your opinion, but show some fucking respect and maybe you wouldn't have to try and defend your Internet honor by trying to be a cool guy calling everyone else retarded, etc. Oh, and I'll hold my head high, I'm 6' and a fucking man, I served in my armed forces and I have a gorgeous spanish/Italian/Mexican fiancé. So, I hold my head high everyday. I dont do it because I gain any sort of satisfaction by telling others how derpy they are online, I just express opinions the way I want.

      • Dave

        First Amendment? Seriously, why do you American FUCKTARDS always bring some kind of bullshit into it about your constitution or amendments? You're country is a fucking piece of shit. Get used to it 'cause it's true.

        • A.Einstein

          Oooh, owww. You certainly told us, Dave. We're covered in shame now.

          Yawn. I'm sorry, we're you trying to make a point of some kind? Or were you just expressing what is probably a Euro-centric envy over the fact that the United States has reached a pinnacle of power and wealth that European 'powers' could only dream of?

          You lot fucked up, and you know it. WW1? WW2? All your fault. Every problem the US has faced since we and the USSR saved your silly asses from yourselves can be traced back to the failure of European hegemony in the world. In fact, if not for the US standing over you with a nuclear club for the last 60+ years you probably would have started WW3 decades ago.

          'Fucking piece of shit'? Is that the best you can come up with? Seriously, Dave, AMERICANS insult the United States with much more passion and eloquence. Hell, old chap, we insult our PRESIDENT with far more passion.

          You want to know what Europe's problem is? Your time is over. You had your day in the sun, and you let it slip away. You couldn't keep from bickering like the little children you are until you blew yourselves to hell and had to turn to the United States for help. You left a power vacuum that we–rather reluctantly, actually–stepped into fill. That is a hard pill to swallow, and it's been gnawing at you asshats for over half a century. You FUCKED UP and the little brother took your place at the table while you were demoted to the kiddie table.

          Sad, sad little European. You're a lap dog, and you know it. Now hush, the adults are talking.

          • its_forge

            You schmuck, the first amendment hasn't got a goddamn thing to do with comments on a fucking online bulletin board; the Bill of Rights defines the limitations of government and the rights of the people of the United States as they relate to that government. I mean, fucking DUH.

        • Morg091

          How the hell would you know his nationality and what damn difference does it make? None.

          Although if you yourself are in fact writing from some sex-deprived area of the world, all the jealousy and bitterness makes way more sense now…

    • Carlie Beau

      she is actually the most erotic and beauty of them all

    • Reason

      Can't really get mad at someone for their personal taste… What one person thinks is beautiful another may think is hideous.

  • ToRo


    • fact

      hey, dil….

      • ToRo

        Thanks for the fact…very perceptive

        • fact

          Thank you for recognizing it, dil

          • ToRo

            "Dil"…. please enlighten us?

  • The Truth

    #21 Find her!!!

    • DaveStinson316

      She looks like Emily Browning from 'Sucker Punch', not saying it's her, just that she looks a lot like her.

      • Buck

        That was my first thought too. I love me some "Baby Doll"

        • Sumfing

          Yes, this one is magical!

      • Connor Macmanus

        She is a tiny little cutie like Emily and I agree the blonde hair is exactly like Babydolls.

    • kewlstates

      FIND HER!!! XD

    • Arizona_Buck

      She was one of those "site models" those "myspace whores" forgot her name

  • The Truth

    #30, we said show us your tits, not your (penis) tat!

    • banana flapjacks

      i had a completely different brown eye in mind. that would be a good gallery also

    • Brian

      If you don't have anything nice to say don't….aw eff it, you're right!

    • Vir

      That's swedish blogger Kenza Zouiten. 🙂
      And yeah, looks like a penis.

  • BigFatal

    #22 yes please

    • KCCO

      it's a little cold in there….

      • Timmay

        Find now

        • ste-vo


      • Banana

        Not cold … nippy 😛

    • TDub66

      I think it moved!

    • KBC

      Even Dave's gay ass would like her.

    • Maynard B

      Seek her out please.

    • TX Country Boy

      I wanna make a sex video with this girl. She seems the type, right?

  • Martin_McFly

    #21 Oh man… she's really beautiful to look at.

    • its_forge

      You probably wouldn't recognize her without the 45 minutes of hair and makeup. Not saying she's ugly without it all but this is a look that takes time to achieve.

  • tora

    #17 #22 #24 I'm in love. All of you brown eye'd beauties, Gorgeous !!

    • YourAirness

      #17 takes the cake for me… georgous

      • 80's Baby

        I agree… Please post moar!

      • qwert

        those look like they're hefty and lots of fun

      • savagecabbage

        really??? what's with the 70s haircut and if you observe the picture she's pinching her belly and side fat behind her back. That's no good

        • 80's Baby

          I see her hand resting on her hip, pinching? No. Oh well, still would wed

        • Repene

          So, she has a little meet on her bones. Your argument is only valid if care only for skinny girls.
          All girls need love, man. And btw she looks beautiful to me.
          Thanks for submitting #17, please send more.

        • its_forge

          Girls are supposed to be squooshy.

      • Hefty

        She takes the cake FROM you.

  • KeepCalmDriveOn

    #34 That is good

    • Baxpin

      You are beautiful. MOAR

    • slim Jim

      #34 for the win.

    • DOVA

      Her name is Izzi Kuznetsova

  • Martin_McFly

    Unfortunately, many of these pictures are either blurry or too far away to truly appreciate the awe-inspiring brown eyes… a shame.. cause all these girls are fuckin ace. Oh well, Chive On!

    • Dave

      Except #4

    • Si1entStatic

      agreed. what happened guys did the quality control monkey fall asleep or have a stroke? video's that play on the main page, an entire gallery posted on the main page, I don't know what to expect anymore…….

      not say'n I won't be glued to my mouse scroll wheel when Burn your bra post drops but…..

  • DemonDan

    #18 Incredibly stunning…

    • techno_viking

      Yeah, I'm not a fan of tattoos, but would gladly make an exception in her case.

    • Jbro

      fun fact about #18: she owns my soul

    • Philip

      We had a staring contest while I was scrolling down. Definitely a beautiful woman!

  • Maclintoc

    #33….Who is this, shes AMAZING!!!1

    • EasternCanuck

      Ashley Ann Vickers!/AshleyAnnVick is her twitter account

    • nepster

      Ashley Ann Vickers

    • austin

      my friend ill let her know

    • TDub66

      Ummm, yeah, my eyes are up here!

      • its_forge

        Eyes? She has a head?

  • gord

    #9 wow, perfect

    • Anon

      Demi Lovato

      • Mike

        Haha I wouldn't of owned up to knowing that either, well played anon!

    • Rolo Tomasi

      Is this Demi Lovato?

  • ToRo

    #6 kinda girl I'd take with to meet the family! Absolute quality babe!

    • passwordistaco

      Kind of has a Kim Kardashian thing going on, except this girl is actually pretty.

      • SteveD24

        Thick eyebrows = dealbreaker

        • ShakeyTheMoyle

          Heh, I respectfully disagree. I like thicker eyebrows on women. Not Groucho Marx thick, but these are just right. They accentuate her eyes more.

          • its_forge

            Also indicates tendency to be very passionate, with all the good and bad connotations therein. She will be a banshee in the sack and if she catches you even thinking about glancing at another woman she will knife you in the eye. = )

    • this guy

      #6 will you please marry me?

  • BenCruz00

    Brown is Beautiful!! Keep this coming Chive. #18

    • @ElijahDeWitt

      The best girl I've ever had the pleasure of getting to know was a half black girl. Black/Brown is beautiful indeed sir.

  • bones

    i didnt see any brown eyes in this post

    • Buck

      Every girl in yesterday's hump posts were showing a brown eye 😉

    • Mark Binns

      The eyes are above the breasts lol

  • drbman

    whoever #16 is I love you, thanks chive, for allowing me to fall in and out of love evryday of the work week! cheers!

    • Chiver

      Find find find

    • Tarkus

      Agreed – I saw this and at a moderate volume said to myself, "who in the hell is THIS?!??"

    • TopHatJoe

      Agreed, Find and MOAR!

      • BookMechanic

        Is it Sophia Vergara…? we're so used to seeing that huge smile, but I think this is her.

    • GURU

      Madalina Ghenea

    • TDub66

      Just hangin' out here in downtown Kabul

    • Alexandra

      She is Madalina Ghenea….a beautiful Romanian girl..a model…i am from Romania too:)

      • drbman

        are you hot like madalina?!!! thanks alexandra!

  • bones

    #31 & #24 MOAR!!!!

    • Sean

      #31 is probably one of the most gorgeous women I've ever seen

      • DiRock

        Agreed. Oh my goodness.

      • Jay

        Thinking the same thing

        • Raza

          Im in love with 24… oh my god

          • edgarallanboh

            24 is crazy cute

      • marryme

        yes. find 31. find her and the race to marry her begins.

      • RivaMonsta

        Chive… Why u no post down blouse no mores?

  • Shannon Coverdale

    #3 Great smile

    • Dunny_

      Those teeth are perfect. Absolutely gorgeous girl.

    • Andy

      I couldn't agree more, it's nice to find someone woth great taste!

      • Andy

        WITH great taste, sorry!

    • Repene

      She's stunning. I say we need more, much more.

    • realzoo

      Knockout smile……….gets me every time.

  • passwordistaco

    This whole post rocks but – #10 The eyes have it FTW!

    • DaddyD

      My favorite as well.

    • Tomas

      They're also NOT BROWN. o.0

  • whyme1973

    #16 Beautiful.

    • Fish

      This is why I love Italy. The place is loaded with women this hot and HOTTER!!!

    • Mh.

      She is Romanian supermodel, her name is Madalina Ghenea and I agree she is absolutely gorgeous.

  • Moose09

    For all that is good find 31!!!

    • Anon


  • nabA

    #3. That is one of the most beautiful smiles I've seen in a while. Quite enchanting.

  • Adam

    #32… You know I got excited for a second.

  • Spudsicles

    Ummm… did I sleep through Thursday? So many Happy Friday… not that I'm complaining about the pictures. But where did Thursday go, for real?

    • Clever Name Here

      Thank you. I was feeling quite odd thinking the same thing. I swear to Jesus if I missed the Real Housewives of Atlanta, I would have burned this mother to the ground.

      I don't really watch that btw.

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