You’ll never guess what this tunnel is made of.. (8 photos)

Answer: VHS Tape. I’d like to think it’s made from old porn videos. [source]

  • Beef chair

    I'm guessing its made out of post-it notes again

  • Dotson

    Is it semen? I bet it's semen…

  • Anonymous

    What happens if someone falls?

  • MusicmanBB

    Would suck to think that, if they're old porn tapes and you actually did run really fast through it to watch the action and by the time you've tried it for all of them, you realize you've seen them all already. Then you're just going to feel disappointment… oh and tired from running.

  • jason

    @ItsJasonFool tryin to get my twitter followers up. KKCO my friends

  • Anon

    It will collect dusts

  • Monkeypaw

    A tunnel is made of nothing – just empty space. Just sayin'


    Yeah, why?

  • Nick

    Who seriously give a flying fuck at a rolling doughnut!

  • Master_Rahl

    #8 Sooo, is there also a Betamax version of this tunnel somewhere?

  • kheaven

    if it was made from old porn tapes the tunnel would be wet…

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