• Rye

    Holy f$&@

  • Aaron

    It be cool to see if they stuck an N.F.L team in there.. just for kicks

    • Ceet

      I'd love to see Barcelona play against any of these teams.

    • 12345

      The NFL would murder those guys…they are too big and strong!

  • Tui

    this… is… FLORENCE!!!

  • Norvinha

    Here is the full video on Youtube:

  • billy

    Orkney in Scotland has something similair called the "ba" feturing the uppies and the downies trying to get a ball from their end of town to the other and there is hundreds of people. It's even heald in the middle of winter to add a wee bit of a chalange

  • Trad

    I live in Florence, this does not exist people… It's just an Indie short

    • SpacemanSpiff

      Calcio Fiorentino does not exist?

      well those were incredible actors

    • fabio

      It did.

    • ObiOne

      this is veryy real. you sir are an idiot.

    • tony

      It only happens once a year. They used to let inmates play, but they were too violent.

  • A2_tha_MFK

    Fantasy! But would be awesome, I'd be hooked on a sport like that. Bring back the Christians and the Lions I say.

    • SpacemanSpiff


      are you saying it doesn't exist? Or is it a new word kids use these days…

      Calcio Fiorentino is very real

  • Captlazarus

    Didn't I just read this in a Terry Pratchett book?

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