Best photos of the week (60 Photos)

  • BabyFart Magizax


    • Frank M

      #33. When did Frank Caliendo compete on Jeopardy in drag?

      • Everclear

        WHO IS #3 ? That's just straight up perfection.

        • Blah

          I went to school with #3 there has got to be some photoshop going on cause she's not that good looking. Her name is Jennifer Webb. I can't figure out how to post her Facebook.. She lives in Knoxville Tn though.

          • its_forge

            If she's "not that good looking" then maybe this isn't her.

          • Luke Skywalker

            just post the URL to her FB

          • luke skywalker

            just post the URL to her FB

          • Triggs

            So does everyone who contributes content to this site have to risk being identified? to the extent of a direct link to their Face Book page?
            I think this is likely discouraging a lot of potential Chivers from contributing, there’s also the whole crime against humanity angle… Just saying that I wouldn’t want to be identified like this.

      • Mr Schneebly

        everyone realized he's not funny and now he just relies on his smarts

  • Silent

    cant see over ad….

    • John

      Trying to fix it but it's Friday and I've been drinking heavily. I'll fix tomorrow morning…. Fuuuck, ok, I'll try to fix it now but my fingers feel like half eaten Gummi Bears.

      • Homer J

        mmmmmmm Gummi Bears…..

  • BabyFart Magizax

    #52 #35 #27 great as well… I love this site!! Keep calm and chive on!!!

  • scotology

    #23 Lulz

    • Kodos

      You'll never diss a guy with an unlicensed nuclear accelerator on his back, huh?"

  • seriously!!!!!!

    #3 MOAR

    I’m in love

    • Vic

      #3 is the chivette of my week.

      • 650

        Agreed! I enjoyed seeing all these pics again, but this one was like, "oh, how I've missed you…"

    • Jason Ordeneaux


    • Slip

      Girls and their messy ass bathrooms. After leaving the kitchen you would think she could clean up the place a little.

  • BigPup

    #9 Still not harsh enough a punishment…

    • NeoH831

      Agreed. I had a similar situation the other day. I was the sound board for a high school talent show and there was an acapella group. The lead girl stepped up to the mic and said this, "Our next song will be "Oh what a night" from the Jersey Boys movie" I literally couldn't hold in my gasp of horror. After the show I went up to her and said, "Just so you know, that is Frankie Valley and the Four Season" her reply, "what's that?" Very sad day for music.

  • ajkulish


    suddenly, BOOOOOOST!

    • ajkulish

      i meant #17. fuck.

  • yeah


    • Jason Gray

      Dat ass

  • Bunny on niteshift

    #19 – Oh dear Lord – not Bill again!

    • Logicyup

      We need president Clinton back. Not only was he smooth as fuck with every foreign leader out there, plus a budget surplus, but most importantly he was fucking interesting. Never knew who/what he was gonna do but it was always nifty. The whole awesome economy thing helped too.

    • George

      Did I hear someone say Colombian hookers?

  • Chaos

    #59, What the Hell is this…

    • BabyFarts Magizax


      • Lovinchive

        Oh thank God. I thought it was Jon Bon Jovi.

        • Al_

          Me too bro, me too

    • timmay

      Congratulations, you found a way to make Roadhouse Gay!

      • Intellect1618

        Wasn't hard.

        • matt

          That's what SHE said.

    • Dalton

      "I thought you'd be bigger…"

      • bigdeal

        lmfao!! thank god! i almost lost hope… you play pretty good for a blind white boy

  • Drew

    #3 Chive….. you must….. get moar

  • BabyFarts Magizax

    #6 my god, i bet you give great…

    • Jason Carter


    • thedude325


    • hwath

      head. I believe the word you are looking for is head.

    • DoritosCR


    • christine g

      best comment ever christine g

  • dedubs

    #40 good kitty

    • JohnD

      Good Kitty, Very good Kitty! #40

    • George

      Good Kitty wants bitty!

  • nyr

    #3 yeah definately need moar of this one. giddy yup

  • Garymac

    #3 BEAUTIFUL Im in love would love to see moar.
    #52 would like to see moar also

    • Ben Chartier

      #52 is Teagan Presley porn star

      • mickey

        I hope that skin rash doesn't spread to that ass…

    • JohnD

      YES YES YES! Burn your hand #3

    • Wayne-o

      not teagan its Brooke Banner also Porn star

  • david

    #3 For the love of god, FIND HER!!!

  • blue_bronco

    Cat Saturday is getting closer

  • Doc

    #46 Be Careful! You might burn your shirt as well as your bra… On second thought, forget everything I just said.

    • Steve zisou

      ok there is no way you wrote ''hi chive'' all by yourself so what's the deal here?

    • JohnD

      #46 YES BURN IT!! …..Yeah forget it! 😀

  • Chunk Pants

    Party just started!

    • P1Pilot

      Yep, bring the interns.

  • John Smith

    #3, #31 are absolutely the best

    • CharlieB

      Chive, time to get your find on.

    • JohnD

      #31 is SEXY! PLease Find! MOAR!!!

    • iLoveLamp

      #31 = Ariana Leigh maybe?

  • etcrr

    #1 BEER!!

    • Prison for stianley

      / Pedophile!

    • GlibTongue

      Yeah it's kind cute. Kinda not though. Seriously, when did babies making faces at adult things become awesome?

      Replace the beer with a pack of cigarettes. Not so cute now, is it?

      • Boom!_Headshot!

        cigarettes kill weather you smoke responsibly or not

  • blue_bronco

    #31 Ahhh

    • cat

      i iz in luv – plz 2 get hrrr 2 me? #31

    • christine

      ya pretty hot

  • nappy

    moar #3#31!!!

    • kccoinBC

      #3 #31, MOAR!! #31 im in love!!

  • Spencer Anderson

    #17 Oh shit the brakes, where are the brakes

  • ceddton

    anyone else see the nipple in the mirror

    • Macro


    • mike

      i think that's an elbow…

      • Shwaaah?

        Yeah and elbow with an aureola lol

      • bumble

        Kill joy

    • Lui

      Good eye .

    • DickFister


    • Vneck

      Massive back scrolling just happened!

    • Sam Ulrich

      I was too busy noticing the Cold Sore medication on the counter near her ass to notice anything else above it

      • GHarts

        Doesnt matter…………Had sex

      • invisiduck

        …how do you know that's cold sore medication?

    • Dabears

      I think I broke my phone scrolling back so fast

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