Daily Morning Awesomeness (35 Photos)

  • Cameron

    #12 is how I've woken up many mornings in college.

  • Ride

    #36 Finally got one! =D

  • Martin

    I'd rather the navy KCCO, but I guess I'll take another BFM while they're going. A blue/green one this time. #36

  • USSS Chiver

    Never been so happy to have to be up early for the second shift. BFM.

  • Pandaman

    Was going to buy another shirt but since i already have one… pass 🙂

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=775107064 Danielle Gravelle

    #32 what is the gif of the girl from? i've been on knowyourmeme for like 2 hours trying to figure it out.

    • Josh

      This is lana del rey, making fun of her snl appearance

  • Jordan

    BFM for me bitches

  • PabloDCPP

    Wooot!!!! I got me a BFM shirt and it just made my 12 hour night shift bearable. KCCO!

  • nivek2798

    #34 I would still watch if that is what they looked like!


    Bill fkn Murray on 420!! Just made this night shifter's day!

  • asnsanta

    #3 the things I would do this epic breakfast #36 omg finally! Just snagged one. (*^*)

  • BMore

    BFM??… Yes please. Accidentally ordered a small and a XL – guess I will be giving it to a chivette… AFTER giving it to a chivette if you know what I’m saaaaaayin’

  • Silverdrgn

    #30 is that an island in that rainbow?

  • wes bron

    got my BFM!!!…what now?…

  • Anonymous

    Finally! I still want a damn Chive shirt though. BFM will do for now, however.

  • Chris

    Fuck ya ! Finally waking up at 5am for work didn't suck, bill Murray t's for this guy, KCCO !!

  • Mikey

    #36 Yep, I snagged one!!!

  • toto

    #32 : Gif is from shining I guess and the girl is Lana Del Rey no ?

  • berdinene

    #21 proudly south african

    • berdinene

      DOH #31

  • Chris

    Fuck ya ! Finally waking up at 5am for work didn't suck

  • B Dub

    Picked up some BFMs for my boys. Worth waking up at 3:50 for some reason! BUT, theCHIVE promised some military KCCOs for your loyal fans up north, and we are still waiting! Just switch out the flags!!! I'm starting to regret not buying some US ones! Please hurry! We are cold up here, there's still snow on the ground!! Happy Friday & KCCO

  • Devin_Medrano

    #10 Chive, FIND HER! NEED MOAR!!!

    • Martin

      Taylor Little, NSFW, you're welcome

  • Devin_Medrano

    #14 We did WHAT last night?!

  • extremeChiver

    ordered 3, thanks for the early 420 love Chive

  • BigE1492

    So i broke down and decided to buy another BFM.. But now i'll have it in it's proper black and in the orange

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