Daily Morning Awesomeness (35 Photos)

  • indesignkat

    I'm no pothead, hate the stuff, but suddenly I"m liking Rihanna. Model? Singer? TV?

    • knotmee

      Not only are you not a "pothead", you've apparently been living in a cave for the last 5 years if you don't know who Rihanna is.

  • chewbuzz

    it wont let me buy a grey/orange it keeps saying small black is sold out no matter how many times i put in large orange/grey please someone help im finding it hard to kcco

  • Andrew


  • Frosty

    Happy 4/20 from Boulder!


    #34 best power rangers I've ever seen

  • http://twitter.com/hituoc @hituoc

    Hey Chivers I have an extra small and medium KCCO shirts. Does anybody want it? i'll give it to you for retail price plus shipping. Look me up on facebook. tuoc truong

  • Tyler Durden

    #34 I hope this is the beginning of a porno

  • KKCO

    Chivers, I have a brand new still in package Men's XL BFM 3D shirt that was just delivered this week from the last BFM sale. However, I can no longer wear XL shirts (lost a bunch of weight) and am in need of a Large. Anyone want to buy this one at cost, have an extra L to sell or willing to trade straight up? Contact me at tsutton3g@yahoo.com. KKCO

  • Another chiver

    Trying so hard to keep calm missed bfm again

  • Pete

    #29 psyched to see KC get shout outs!

    • Patrick

      Kansas City Chive On!

  • Matt

    #22 "Ahh, think I'll just drink my morning coffee and prop my feet up on this ohshit!….."

  • haeddre

    #6 scary

  • chaosd


    God I hate 4/20. Seriously with all the different causes in the world like hunger, AIDS, cure for cancer etc, a bunch of people get together and choose smoking pot on 4/20 as their cause. What a complete bunch of self centered idiots. I do get to punch a bunch of people in the nose today so that's a plus.

    • bobjuice

      I don't know there's just something funny about you calling them " self centered Idiots".

  • jer

    considering it is 10am here in az I dunno how I got a BFM 3D lrge but I did

  • DB Conor

    #12 The really disturbing thing is that it's written on the *inside* of the stall.

  • http://www.facebook.com/RachelEldonMartindale Rachel Eldon Martindale

    #34 If you had to pick one?!? I would pick green!!

  • gieldb

    #6 Awesome!!

    #34 It's Morphin' Time!

  • dwh101

    #36 Y U no haf Back Orders??????

  • MrCCG

    #29 Consistently one of the Best Burgers in KC! KCCO Kansas City Chivers!

  • Juicy

    I fucking hate Bill Murray..so I could give a shit about his shirt!

  • gonzo

    Thank you Chive for looking out for us non-twittererrrrs. Obviously not on a computer early enough as well, lost out, oh well, next time….

    Happy T.G.I.F., 420 as well, to all


  • dylaan

    Had a shit month but then the chive restores my faith in humanity with some bill fucking murray.

  • Nishtai

    #36 I got one! FINALLY! BFM is on its way to Argentina! Mwahaha

  • Brad

    Where is #20? I need to go there.

  • Bobalew

    #28 Westport flea market In kcmo has the best burgers and nachos. Great munchies for 420

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