LA Bear on the loose — call in the thunder (12 Photos)


  • electric boogalo

    Pff, LA. When we see bears in Colorado we don't call the authorities.

  • goblueman

    I hope they had some meatballs for him for when he woke up.

  • JohnnyB

    This happens at least a few times a summer here in Anchorage, Alaska.

  • stancantspeil

    So you don't look like a total 'retart' in every single post. Well, we can dream, can't we?

  • B!!!

    #7 whoa is that a dart in your neck? I like you man , I like you but you're craaazy!

  • balls

    #12 so you got wasted…

  • AussieMetz

    when the fuck did winnie get so big, i guess he ate piglet…..mmmmmm bacon

  • chicago

    #3 in L.A. there's ALWAYS a guy walking the streets in bathrobe… he doesn't live there, just happened to walk by.

  • Caleb

    #8 all three of those wemon have huge/ massive noses

  • I Am Ginger

    Looks like me after I get a good HJ

    • I Am Ginger


  • brett

    Wow look at all those people going crazy over one bear!

  • Chris

    #5 I see you've done this before……

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  • Eric Swanson

    "That's the most powerful tranq gun on the market… it in Mexico!"

  • Eric Swanson

    They say it could puncture the skin of a rhino from a hundred

  • dpants5

    "I immediately regret this decision!" – Ron Burgundy

  • SARmedic

    Unfortunately I think their policy is once a bear gets used to going into populated areas they either have to move it a very long distance, or kill it.

    I was watching this live. The bear was along the side of a house and walked out front near the garage, then a guy walked out from the backyard on his cellphone (not knowing about the bear) and when he got close enough to see the bear he dropped everything and ran like a motherfucker back to the rear of the house. Since he didn't get mauled it was funny as hell, it's probably on youtube…it was that funny.

  • Alex

    This is so dumb. This happened 2 streets away from house. But i have 0 fucks 2 give cuz its only a bear

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  • SteinTricia

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  • Tangles_112

    Duuude!! What if he just wanted to see the WILD? Maybe he will get on a ship with penguins, escape and end up in Madagascar 😀 Smile and wave boys…smile and wave.

  • Dandude

    He gonna have one hell of a hangover.

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