• Tangles_112

    I would LOVE to see his perspective of what happened when he gathers his brains off the floor and settles down. I dare say he would admit he made a mistake. he threatened a dude with a bottle…the other guy had such patience. You could see he didn't want to do what he did, but really had no choice. Great group of friends too…all laughing at a guy who was pretty much KO'd.

    • Some dude

      And yet, he hit the other guy – provoked or not, laying the first punch is NEVER ok…

      • Tangles_112

        The other guy had a bottle. He was threatening him with it. If someone raises a bottle to me, I'm taking them out before they have a chance to glass me. I don't count that as a first punch…i count that as self defense. it's either hit the dude, or have your face slashed up.

  • Anras

    That guy has the patience of a bloody saint. I really can't see how he lasted so long… lol

  • DoC

    Cant believe all the comments. Did anyone actually *listen* to what the "punk" was saying? He was standing up to a bully (in black) after he hit him (kept saying "hit me again"). I've had big tough guys trying to push me around because they're bigger and it gets to the point that you don't care. They use the threat of hitting you to bully you into getting their way so you take that away from them. I've made bullies his size back down by doing the same thing – but – I know when to quit. This guy just couldn't take it anymore. Just his luck they were both wasted and he kept it up a minute too long.

  • Daniel

    The best part is when he apologized to his other friends after sending that asshole to sleep.

  • Verbal_Kint

    Damn. It looked like he pulled that punch out out of basement!

  • she's a witch!

    i hope that guy was drunk…that might've been an acceptable excuse for that fucking stupidity

    • Some dude

      Alcohol can never excuse anything. If you're acting like a jerk because you're drunk – that's all you, not the alcohol

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003241032524 Simen Bergh von Aase

    wait for it… !!!

  • JEP

    what the….. that punch was weak……….. must be fake

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000485826351 Spencer Cale

    In my opinion this was a good post Bob. I dont think THECHIVE is going down hill at all contrary to popular belief.

    Oh and….. Whether or not WhiteShirtGuy deserved it…he still….GOT KNOCKED THE FUCK OUT!!!!

  • Cpt. Canada

    This guy clearly isn't familiar with the Highschool motto: Talk shit, get hit.

  • http://www.drinksla.com Ori

    now kiss

  • Legacy 6

    It's amazing what you can get knocked out by when you have your jaw open… The guy who hit him was obviously traying to stay calm, but wasn't going to just be bullied by someone who is 3/4 his size with a mouth 3x bigger. I think this experience was good for them both.

  • Kyle429

    *Chris Tucker voice* "You got knocked the fuck out!"

  • chaosd

    I love how nobody rushes to help him. When you are a dbag you get no love.

  • Jack Spectre

    The guy who got hit was fine. A strike to the jaw overloads the nerves in the neck, and the brain shuts down for a few minutes to sort things out. This type of hit doesn't usually cause permanent injury. However, I'd recommend only doing it in self defense, as people who've been punched in the face can be killed if hit hard enough and in the wrong spot.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=35102791 Maunee George II

    This is the only Sucker Punch that I'm all for. That kid deserved it. He is lucky that kid didn't 3D his face into that TV

  • jimothy

    hahahha "I mean it sounds good and everything" Guy in the black was a FUCKIN BOSS

  • Scott

    That guy got bitchslapped STUPID. Maybe he will think twice from no on about letting his mouth write checks his body can't cash.

  • _MeLi_

    CHIVE…. FIND HIM.. on the left.. hottie!!!

    "i wanna have tea and fucking krumpets!"

    • Some dude

      wow – you get turned on by violent psychos? Daddy must be proud…

  • JonBoy

    I am surprised to see the chive post this type of garbage.

  • Anonymous

    Boy this is so fake

  • HolmanAlexander

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  • Some dude

    That's… Disturbing. That guy who layed the punch, should get some jail-time for assault. He's escalating the whole situation by not backing down and should know that you don't just hit somebody, and LEAST of all in the face – pump his guts, fine, but in the face? Other than brain-trauma and following clots, a broken jaw and the obvious damage to the teeth, that punch could very easily have killed the guy (and drunken punches like that do that – check with any kind of doctor who worked the ER, they'll tell you). And with alcohol involved, that only complicates and adds more danger to the whole situation.

    And you are all APPLAUDING this guy? Seriously – wake up and stop believing everything you see in movies and start realizing how fragile the human body is. That kid, however stupid he was/is could have been killed by that stunt.

    And 'Chive' – you post this kind of senseless drunken violence? What's up with that?!

  • Balorati

    Either the whole thing is staged…or everybody in that room are complete idiots….maybe both?

  • Cream_Fresh

    nigga trying to show off in front of his homies ….nigga needs to show his balls …too bad his balls are way too small to handle the heat …hahahaha

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