Remember your epic childhood way back when? (35 Photos)

  • Collin

    I hope the new iPhone 5 will have a bigger screen so there will be room for all these pop up ads

  • LeeleeV

    #21 !!! me<——geek'd out!

  • Kooman

    I used to use that Eraser in #34 as a mini skateboard at my desk, rail sliding edges of books like a BOSS!

  • Tk171

    #19 this was the moment I discovered pain and sadness, for the first time in my life

  • Matt


  • http://thechive Robert lam

    Awrsome, need more memories,

  • http://thechive Robert lam

    #8 never seen but remember when McDonalds sign said over 99 thousand served

  • nacho

    #11 a farter's best friend.

  • @PedroDaVePacas

    I had #4…yes I was indeed the badest 5 year old on my block.

  • Joshua B Gillund

    #9 G.I. Joe for the win.. so many memories

  • irate43

    #4 Owned it and terrorized the house with my hawkeye abilities

  • Sareon


  • kevin

    #18 I heard the news was in his pants.

  • Evan852

    #32…what happens when it rains?

  • Pants


  • Montauk_Monster

    This brings it back, wayyy back. #14 the hitman!

  • Shucks

    #18 Their early work was a little too new wave for my tastes, but when Sports came out in '83, I think they really came into their own, commercially and artistically.

  • Ben


    Pink-n-ink? More like "shitty quality pencil eraser"-n-"does absolutely nothing but wreck your paper"

  • Gallus

    #11 – The pencils that were distributed in my school district were so cheap the wall sharpeners would grind them to a stub in a matter of seconds. The little hand held sharpeners were much more effective for those pencils.

    #34 – The blue eraser was fairly effective on real ink from a fountain pen. It was less effective on the paste ink from ballpoints. I didn't like ballpoints, I still don't. i used fountain pens, so the blue actually worked for me.

  • Laura

    omigod #21!!!! LOOOOVVVE Kid Icarus!!!!! 😀

  • MullinsStanley

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  • GuitarSkater

    bring back the McDonalds Pizza!! #8

  • StarznSkullz

    #28 is a handmade costume believe it or not!!! I was only 3 and had little girls coming up to me in the mall asking for hugs thinking I was the REAL Mrs Minnie Mouse

  • Ross

    #19… IT'S ATREYU!
    guarantee 90% of those emo kids that like that band have never even heard of the movie

    #34… man those were the fuckin times

  • oranglewat

    #26 where's Ralph Tresvant?

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