‘The HemLoft’ might just be paradise (Video)

Every man dreams of having a secret treehouse in the woods, and Canadian Joel Allen managed to make that dream a reality while he was just a fledgling carpenter living out of his car. Unfortunately, he built his little slice of heaven on Crown land, and now they’re trying to take it away. You can find out more about the whole project here.

  • Nob

    a sequel to "Lovely Bones"?

  • Steven B

    friggen loved that song…

  • http://www.facebook.com/steve.grapsas Steve Grapsas

    I'm 32 and I live in this isolated tiny tree fort out in the middle of the woods in Canada. Do you wanna come over for dinner? Don't worry I won't rape/murder you.

  • Tyler Durden

    Pretty sure this guy is an idiot. First of all, it doesn't even look that cool, and second, he's stupid for building it on land that he doesn't own. You have this vast forest and you waste your time building that tiny little shack?

    Only points he gets is in the video the lady that shows up goes straight to the kitchen. At least you know how that dynamic works.

    Get a fucking job and stop living out of your car. If you can build that, then you can build yourself a career.

  • Bob

    This is really cool, but if he built it where he wasn't suppossed to, then that's too bad.

  • jgos929

    Just to clarify, i am a man and I've never dreamed of having a "secret treehouse in the woods"

    • jgos929

      wait, i dont have a penis either.. dammit i am not a man

  • ArticJester

    Still not as gay as twilight… But pretty fucking close.

  • Zrock76

    Well it looks like someone is prepared for the impending zombie apocalypse.

  • MickeyJim

    Get a job hippy! Also, get a mirror. Who checks their appearance via webcam? What good is a laptop in the middle of the woods?

  • Nighthawk

    Now if that bear got inside and ripped shit up, that woulda been a great video

  • To the haters!!

    To all the haters! I feel it was kinda dumb to build on crown land but by the looks of it he doesn't live there full time, probably just long enough to escape all the American tourists in whistler. And to the people who say he's freeloading off tax payers money, what about all the fat and lazy people on welfare not even trying to get a job? He obviously works somewhere. ie. the laptop, and the wood. Shit ain't cheap. I think it kicks ass and hope they don't tear it down.

  • JLay

    Cool idea, but put it on your own land. Now you're going to have to take this kick straight in the acorns as a lesson.

  • Matt

    God damn, I hate fucking hippies. "OH I'M SUPER DEEP BECAUSE I LIVE WITH NATURE AND HAVE A MAC BOOK." Now I would pay to see that tree house bulldozed off the cliff with that douche inside of it.

  • Montauk_Monster

    Not only do I support, I really want one of my own.

  • BBB

    doesn't matter, had sex.

  • From whistler

    Weather is fine ya cunt, lived here my whole life. Props to him, I dare anyone posting this shit to find it ❤ yours truly

  • Nick g

    I think its sweet. Only been in whistled for 7 years now but this sorta stuff is awesome. Obviously he didnt want it to stay secret and obviously he knew it wasn't legal. This was a sweet project and after he enjoyed it to himself for a while he did decide to make something of it by building his reputation as a builder by publicizing it. The minute he decided to put in that magazine it obviously became part of the public domain so what's everyone getting so uplight about? Go find it yourself. Spend a night in the woods. He never said it was his, why do you think YOU EVEN KNOW ABOUT IT? It's just another gem to add to our backyard so be grateful. It's clearly not in the same league as shantys set up by squatters so don't be silly- its just the same as a sweet floating dock or rope swing or bike trail that so many anonymous volunteers build all the time to make yours and their recreation that much more fun.

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