‘The HemLoft’ might just be paradise (Video)

Every man dreams of having a secret treehouse in the woods, and Canadian Joel Allen managed to make that dream a reality while he was just a fledgling carpenter living out of his car. Unfortunately, he built his little slice of heaven on Crown land, and now they’re trying to take it away. You can find out more about the whole project here.

  • yup

    First! Come at me!!

    • fgarcia1986

      i really don't get why people talk so much crap about the ppl that say first. dude it's the internet. worry about something importang.

  • vashfire


  • Brian

    No crap they want to take it away, they should take it away. I shouldn't just go out into Yellowstone (for example), build myself a shanty, and say 'I live here now and I deserve to keep living here indefinitely'.

    • Dakota

      true story

    • Merican

      Why the hell not? This is America!!

      • Meh

        You are correct: this is America. He is in Whistler, British Columbia.

      • DaddyD


      • dub

        This wouldn't fly in the states either. I think they frown upon people 'squatting' on federal lands.

    • Country Fan

      well there are people who can apply for permits to build in national parks, so he could have done it the legal way

    • ddd

      That's also a nice computer for a homeless man…

      • dub

        "Can't afford a mirror, I guess I'll just use this dusty old lap top."

    • doodles

      I thought it only said it was build on crown land, no mention of a national park.

      In Canada, Crown land doesn't mean it's anything special or protected. It's basically just any land that isn't private land or farm land.

      This would be like just going to any random forest in America and building a tree house.

      • Patches

        Still not his property though. You can't wander into any random forest and decide it now belongs to you.

        • hmmm

          you mean like how the americas were 'founded'?

          • thom

            Isn't that how your country was founded? Maybe just earlier.

            • Paul from the gump

              Yeah. And maybe if it was 300 years ago he wouldn't have any problem doing this, but it's not.

        • poopnugget

          I'm pretty sure he isn't claiming the entire forest as his..

    • fgarcia1986

      You're an idiot.

    • Not a fan

      That ain't no shanty.

  • Sylvain R.

    just WoW

  • Dakota

    i will give this man money and wood to build me one

    • Wookie

      You want to give him wood?

      • zzzz

        Yeah, and money, dumb ass. Can you not read?

        • Wookie

          Just a little fun – y'know, 'wood' as in 'erection'… LOL!

          If you don't know what an erection is zzzz, it's that thing poking out of your forehead…

  • realzoo

    Very cool. I was going to say "Forever alone", until his lady friend appeared.

  • MattKL

    This was great, the setting and place was almost otherworldly. When we expand out into the galaxy to life-sustaining planets, it's very probable that this could be something we'd build on those planets.

    The song was absolutely outstanding too. Mausi, I'll have to keep my eye on them.

    • Tyler Durden

      Smoke another doobie brah. You are fucking lost in the sauce right now. Other planets?! This tiny little half-assed tree fort?? On another planet?? We haven't even had a person land on another planet yet and you're talking about building some shitty wooden shack on it to shelter us and sustain life?

      The setting isn't "otherworldly" either. It's called the forest. It's abundant on THIS world.

      You should definitely check your hypotenuses.

  • etcrr

    Great work too bad he was stupid and built on protected land

  • atrac angam

    This dude should watch UNGRIP

  • Travis


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1247540855 Justin Danger

    I dunno, it doesn't look zombie-proof to me…

  • JDline

    -1 for drinking heineken !

  • Logicyup

    Pretty sure if he kept his mouth shut and didn't tell anyone about it, no one would of found out. Can only blame himself. Other than that, tree houses kick ass, I still want to build one, but I live in hurricane land so it wouldn't last very long.

  • Eric

    @ 1:48, Why the fuck is HE doing laundry? She'll be over soon, you wait.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=36608261 Riley Clements

    Here's an idea, don't build shit on land you don't own. Sorry to be a downer but srsly dont be dumb. Cool tree house tho.

    • http://twitter.com/jaczor @jaczor

      Seriously, what's up with "trying" to take it away? does he own the land he built it on? No, so they should take it down and make him pay for whatever that costs, just because he's sort of creative doesn't make him less of an idiot and less responsable for his actions.

  • Ken

    That music was AWFUL. I shant help him save it.

  • Bob

    If he was smart he would have built an actual house and then he would have even more to complain about. You're welcome for living freely on taxpayer property while you pay no property tax. Enjoy your freeloading.

  • Static

    It describes this as a "secret" treehouse… I kinda expected it to be "secret". That thing is far from secret, as well as the fact that its barely off the ground. There is a well worn path to it… and stair/steps to get in! hello… build that thing WAY up the tree with a ladder going up… THEN tell me its a tree house.

    • Thejay

      i hike in that area, know the place well…. not really hidden if you ask me. still, a great idea, and i truly hope he gets to keep it. if not, most likely it will become one of the many refuge spots for hard-core hikers for overnight stay. just saying

  • robby

    i don't understand why he thinks he has any rights to that land? help him "save" it? shit like this just pisses me off. sure, build a house on public land, no problem, but don't expect to have any rights to it if you do.

  • jBlaze

    Suddenly, a wild forest fire appears!

  • truth

    He didn't build some grand cabin in the woods. Hell, I've been in a few tents that have more room inside them. The only novel thing I noticed was he can go all Grizzly Adams out there, but then I remember…HE IS TRESPASSING. He should pack-out his little clubhouse and rebuild it on some land he owns.

    • Dylan

      Technically he's not trespassing. Canadians are allowed to travel (and camp as far as I know) on Crown land – we're just not allowed to assume we own it.

    • chris

      He is not tresspassing, and in canada, there are "squatters rights". If you stay on crown land for a given amount of time, it IS yours!! You can claim it.

  • Rye

    It's on public land. I'm going to go hang out there I have just as much right to be there as him…just try and tell me to get out of "your tree fort".

  • Jammy

    He left out the part where the girl gets mauled by the bear as she walks through woods with food.

  • RDChiver

    Only usable for about 5 months of the year in B.C. as the rest of the year it is cold as balls. This thing does not look insulated.

    • Rye

      My balls are quite warm and a little sweaty.

    • skwee

      But he has all those candles

  • Fabian

    O kurwa ja też tak che ! ^^

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