Cat Saturday (38 Photos)

Are you a cat? Wtf are you doing reading this? Have your human follow Mac on twitter here.

  • rromero

    Meow Gusta!

  • Glenn 'Phoenix' Yri

    Cat Saturday always makes me miss my cat.

  • jig

    And as promised weeks prior, the appearance of this shit has resulted in me running over a cat this morning. I will continue to do so. Keep Calm and Kitty dead!

  • Sam

    #30 This one gave me a laugh. Nicely done.

  • MullinsStanley

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  • capm tight pants

    #20 Ah! Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

  • faemike55

    there is a simple solution to your issue: unplug your computer, box it up and give it to someone who open-minded. Problem solved

    • faemike55

      well then, why did you post your comment in the first place, since you knew that you would get comments like mine – or is this your way to get attention because you have no life what-so-fuckin' ever?however, go to your refrigerator and get you some cheese to go with your whine and have a nice day

  • boozehoundbjorn

    o.k so while the chive is posting about cats, the berry is posting about beer…youre getting soft chive

    • TheJCG

      That's because Mac is a cocksucker and The Chive is nothing but an ad agency whoring itself out now.

    • tapsnapornap

      Says the guy who was checking out the Berry…

  • Gallus

    #20 – My little female kitty is deaf. When she sleeps, you can set off a bomb beside her and she will not stir. But, touch her and she's fully awake. So this stunt will not work with her.

    #27 – Ah, yes. A familiar sight at my house, especially at din-din time.

  • Lindsey

    Wowza meowza!

  • Silver

    Women with cats have a ____% less chance of getting a man?

  • Torkel

    Alright.. So I have the original #8 without the text on my phone. But I can't figure out which of my friends sent it to me so I can't give them cred for making the chive! Can anyone tell me who submitted it?

  • faemike55

    another way to solve the problem
    don't open the link and you won't be offended

    • fuck faemike55

      gay mike your an idiot!!! What kind of fag defends fucked gay ass cats and talks shit to a man about cats!! Fucken fag!!! I bet your still a fucken virgin!! If not you bitch is fucking ugly!! HA HA fat bastard!! fuck

      • Julie

        Real men love cats. ^_^

  • waty

    For real. Men don't have cats..

  • eazy_e81

    #11 is a good 4/20 pic

  • Brandon B.



  • longshot421

    #23 Nobody puts kitteh in a corner.

  • GrammarPolice

    cmon Chive

  • SteinTricia

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  • Trashpants

    :O #13 is made using my app on WP7!

  • Norwood

    #34 I didn't even notice the cat until I took a second look

  • snesti

    Cats? Gimme a break, send this to the Berry for the girls. Guys come here for pussy, and not this kind.

  • Abrasive_Jay

    #35 Now top with a heavy cutting board and top with 140 pounds of weight. Wait 4 hours for shooter sandwich.

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  • Icu

    #23. Soooo…… You got wasted!

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