A few college cheerleaders to get you amped for the week (27 Photos)

  • ya kent

    Find #6 !!!

  • suparties

    Pretty crazy that #1 is an LSU cheerleader!!! In the college party rankings LSU makes a run for the top spot as well. Check it out at http://www.fiestafrog.com/blog/index.php/top_100_

  • prostituteordaughter

    I think #17 is beautiful. Hope she goes places!

  • Victor

    I guess black girls don't cheer.

  • derek anderson
  • dane


    definitely thought this said "Balls"

  • John Ryan

    NO Northeast Teams – come on guys? PSU, Mich, Ohio State, etcccccc.

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  • FreeAgentID

    Looking good ladies!

  • http://www.sportgelul.nl/107/koevermans-scheurt-iets-af/ Koevermans scheurt iets af | Sport Gelul

    […] wij anders doen op zo een regenachtige dag in juli? Lekkere wijven zoeken natuurlijk, zoals deze cheerleaders uit Amerika. Zweeds voetbalsterretje Josefine Öqvist. Of wat dacht je van de top 38 lekkerste sport chicks van […]

  • Raider Red

    2 Red Raiders – Go TECH!

  • GPA

    Yeah well we have hot chics here in Australia to you know. They have amazing hot HOT bodies and are super flexible and have great hair and and and … um …. errr dammit ,,,,, I need to get a magazine and go to the bathroom.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=4929413 George Cone

    Mac, check your facts before you post. A good portion of these are NOT cheerleaders. In fact, 3, 5, 16, 25 (and a few others too) are actually band members. Give credit where credit is due.

  • Judy

    Cheerleaders are starting to look like Vegas dancers instead of sport supporters. Too much make up gals. Not a role model for young girls.

  • Patrick

    number 21 is buff

  • rec

    fuck of my girlfriend bitch.

  • http://www.facebook.com/adembejaia.bejaia Adembejaia Bejaia

    I love them all

  • Derp

    5 and 16 are not cheerleaders.

  • Anonymous

    Save the Cheerleader save the world 😛

  • Jayemen

    4, 11, 17… 4 is gorgeous, 11 looks like girl who used to work for me, and 17 is a flat-out knockout..Wow on all the pics, but those three are my fave…

  • John Doe

    U.S.C. cheerleaders still rooting for wrong team? U.niversity of S.tupid C.heerleaders

  • wallpaperhd2
  • jjfrank

    why does no one tell these girls that face tattoos are ugly?

  • Rich

    Toss up between 11 (00) and 17. Want to munch them both for hours! 🙂

  • Jack

    Toss up between 13 (00), 11 and 17. Want to munch them all for hours! 🙂
    20 gets the hottest spread award (would like some of that bloomer puddin' also).
    Thank you God for creating such beautiful women!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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