A few rare photos on the set of the only Star Wars movies that matter (43 Photos)

  • Sour Cream & Chiver

    #40- Pew, Pew, Pew… Gotcha

  • Huzzah

    Thank you, Chive!

  • Amy

    I am an american living in the Philippines and I was having an absolutely terrible day then I got on chive and saw this post 🙂 Thank you for making my day not sucky anymore chive!

  • danallard

    #2 That's a TV camera, not film. This must be from the abhorrent Star Wars Holiday Special.

    • mediumrare

      An RCA TK-44 to be exact. Used to fix the miserable things.

  • freddy boy

    I'm positively inspired. Think I'll watch it this morning. Thanks, Chive.

  • jason

    These movies were made almost 30 years ago. LET IT GO. You dont see me freaking out about SANDLOT!!

    • morebeer

      Yep, Star wars and the sandlot…totally equivalent on how they impacted the entertainment industry as a whole.

      • F3n1x187

        But it has the great bambino!!!!!

    • Awesome

      Sandlot is aweosme

  • Jensu

    Star Wars Knighst of the Old Republic would be a great undertaking, without George Lucas at the helm.

    • F3n1x187

      Dark forces with kyle katarn would be sweet too! Again no George Lucas

  • Anonymous

    Shut the fuck up

  • Chris S


    Hugh Laurie???!?!

  • sito1002

    #8 #15 #26 #29
    They all look like family 🙂

  • http://twitter.com/GamerKitty84 @GamerKitty84

    Damn right they are the only Star Wars that matter

    • Franklin1138

      Thank you! You are correct.

  • how rude

    #2 The Star Wars Holiday Special

    • how rude

      That's no Panavision camera, that's a TV camera.

  • bob

    Jar Jar rules!

  • USSS Chiver

    I said bring me the wookie's head!

  • http://facebook.com/travisbartella misanthropetb

    The woman in #31 looks so much like my mother, I actually uploaded that pic to Facebook and tagged her in it, then all of her friends started commenting about they couldn't believe she met Harrison Ford and never told them.

  • bearjew

    #41 They be like "Ben, can you teach me how to Dougie?"

  • BomberMan

    Dr House?? lol

  • zaxxon galaxxon

    #39 these arent the droids your looking for, its kenny baker englands most famous dwarf actor!

  • mshaw166

    #17 No I don't have to pee, I always stand like this when I drink coffee

  • 16inchzipper

    #19 Weirdest boner right now…

  • KCCOBoy

    #19, Cripes, is there anyone she DIDN'T kiss?

    • etcrr


  • Utah Chiver

    #40 Pew pew, pewpew pew pew…

  • Lboogie13

    #37 Haters gonna hate!

  • RGT1026

    #29, Stormtroopers look hispanic. Mexicans > clones Accelerated reproductive rate, prolly rebuilt the Death Star themselves instead of Vader hiring contractors.

  • http://finnegan2749.wordpress.com finnegan2749

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