Re-shooting snapshots from the movies seems like an interesting hobby (22 Photos)

A few friends had the idea to travel the world recreating scenes from the movies while on location. These are the photos they took…

  • Shea

    Such a cool scene

    • Shea


      • r@f

        Recreate the Titanic scene than i'll be impressed.

        • negative nancy

          recreate a porno scene, then I'LL be impressed.

    • penis

      this whole gallery is pretty fucking stupid…..

      • vagina

        I agree…wanna come in?

  • Seldi84

    #9 #11 #12 #22 All very cool.

  • Marcoscootero

    The Charlotte John blog and Chice are the best. LOve me some FLBP

  • Ned_Plimpton

    What's with all the Asian locations??

    Also, #13 is from 'Before Sunset' not 'Before the Dawn'

    • BigHeadEd

      Random: They all look the same.

  • echogeo

    Now I want to run all over Boston & recreate scenes from The Departed!

  • TheJesus

    “Rapid changes in the school Ridgemont High”



    • NcouthYouth

      yea, wtf Bob?

      • Vinny

        Rapid changes is likely the Japanese translation of Fast Time

        • dwide schrude

          the talented mr ripple…… Lays Ripple.

  • JPPO

    Zohan's location was Tel Aviv, Israel; not the same in the reshoot.

    • corby

      Movies are not always filmed where they take place, i.e. a lot of films set in New York are actually filmed in Toronto. Both pics have the same buildings on the right (closest ones to the camera) so they probably filmed that part of Zohan in Cabo San Lucas and had the post-production people change the background some.

    • kccoinBC

      The scene from the A team when BA gets his van back, in the movie its in mexico, real life, Vancouver BC. Fantastic four, new york, but again, shot in and around Vancouver .

  • IrishWolfhound

    #11 Great Film

  • chicago

    #3 reality shoreline looks far better than film view.
    #18 I like the Chicago river bridges over the bean

  • SlapChop

    Um…ok? NO MOAR!

  • guest

    wtf? – why???

  • jim

    #17 Mr Ripple?

    • Mr Nipple

      Must be the sequel.

  • Wasted

    Really? Ok I appreciate creativity, but this is just stupid.

    • Chazz_B

      for real man? i wish i had gone to all those cities

  • spanks McSlappy

    Another post like this in my lifetime would be too soon.

  • L_E_Ott

    How well traveled is this guy

  • Macro

    Most of these are pretty effin' lame. If you're gonna do it, really re-create it well.

    • Dirty_Dingus

      I agree. What's the point of going to the effort to find the location and recreate the scene, only to screw it up with a terrible photo?

    • KeepinCalm

      idk…travel the world and do something you enjoy in the process. sounds pretty freakin' cool to me.

    • Agreed


  • Please Chive

    Delete phone ads please.. Banners suck!!

  • Hhh

    #12 It's south BANK, London. The Thames a river, not the sea.

    • Hugh

      And I can see my office which makes me happy. Well not that happy?

  • Chuck

    Stop jumping the shark, Chive. This is lame.

  • lexchiver


  • rich

    Ahhhh….I get it…it's all the same guy in each photo.

  • BostonChiver.

    Wow…maybe 3 of these were decent.

  • Jonathan

    It's Ramen Girl, not Sushi Girl…

    • Bobbi_1025

      And it's Sohee Park not sokhi, but there is a movie called Sushi Girl that has the kid from the never ending story in it coming out don't know if he got his wires crossed or what? So many mistakes in this post

  • Cin

    #17 Talented Mr Rippley

    These are dumb.

  • Tony

    #7 is Ramen Girl… not Sushi Girl… there is zero sushi in that entire movie… wtf.

    • Tony

      And the actress is Britney Murphy

      • Tanner

        really? …I'm pretty sure the real title is "fast times at ridgemont high," but everyone seemed to get that reference. They're doing the same thing here. Thanks for correcting the post, though… You're obviously much smarter than everyone else on here. Stay wise.

        …that was sarcasm, by the way. -felt like it needed to be specified.

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