Re-shooting snapshots from the movies seems like an interesting hobby (22 Photos)

A few friends had the idea to travel the world recreating scenes from the movies while on location. These are the photos they took…

  • Mike

    So many incorrect movie titles in here.

    • Joy

      I thought they deliberately changed the names..or maybe they watched bootlegs with different titles. LOLz

  • John

    #18 fairly certain i went to high school with the photographer listed here. Love the small world of the chive

  • Sabre

    #20 that is Gasworks park in Seattle

  • zaffa

    This is fucking stupid

  • Patrick

    Lame post Chive. Talented Mr.Ripple? Somebody call Fred Sanford!

  • Vent187

    Close enough..

  • jarred

    The park in seattle is called Gasworks Park.

  • DUDE

    Dumbest Chive Post Ever

  • Anonymous

    what a bunch of fucking dorks

  • Wood Dog

    This was where 007 was shot at in Goldfinger ( i think) #4

  • Rubes27

    Love Jews? Love College? Visit: All Jewish. All College. All of the time.

  • Wood Dog

    That's where Goldfinger was shot at in Switzerland….close enough

  • Allen
  • AZLiving

    the colored guy doesnt fit right…..shouldve been a white…since all movies were white guys..

  • Jessica

    Really Chive?? I mean I'm all for creativity but this is about as lame as it gets. a few were decent but then it just turns to overkill.

  • lol

    Almost all of these movies are total shit.

  • Ian

    Waste of chive space

  • xxwhodatxx

    Wow you're so fucking creative. I just took a pic of my balls and ur moms face cause i saw a movie with them in it last wk.

  • Porcelain

    #16 Ooh I've been there! Awesome place.

  • Lisa

    Whoever wrote this needs to get their facts straight. #2 is "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" not "Rapid Changes in the school Ridgemont High". Wtf?? And #17 is "The Talented Mr. Ripley" not Ripple. Others have pointed out mistakes too. Get your shit together, Bob.

  • realbadger

    re #19; while there they could have re-enacted the picnic scene from "I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With"…

  • coco

    #10 totally looks like her

  • horny

    What an epic waste of time, energy, and thought. Next will be a lego replica of the death star. Get a job loser

  • Marc J. Wrzesinski

    Straight-up mediocre. Next time you travel the globe, bring some creativity and something more than an iPhone.

  • Anonymous

    #26, holy god

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