Russia is a special brand of crazy (25 Photos)

  • drbman

    #24 hadme laughing out loud alone!

  • longshot421

    #19 It's a brick…car. It's mighty mighty, just lettin' it all hang out.

  • tv_paul


    The 3 founders of the Chernobyl Bread Company.

    • didn'tyouknow

      Chernobyl is in Ukraine yo

  • DB Conor

    Leading to the new internet meme: "Can't tell if batshit crazy, or just Russian."

  • Fabian

    You can change the name of this post to "merica" and still keep all the pictures

    • Adam

      Minus the bears and the snout haha. At least where I live, although we are getting more of both every year.

      • Adam


  • Herb

    #3 Watcha thinkin bout?

  • Lil John

    Russia is like a funhouse mirror USA. Think about it. Change the style of the apartments and any of those could be anywhere USA.

  • Fish

    Crazy? Or just drunkenly stupid?

  • Arid

    #6 Rednecks are spreading

    #7 There I fixed it

    #12 So you got wasted

    #13 I know the tank but first sight just screams 'Merica

  • CowboyDebop

    #5 has a case of shin splint…ers! Sorry, that was corny

    • CBDB

      just noticed that someone already made that pun, my bad.

  • Yeow

    Seriously, where do you get these nuggets?

    <img src="; border="0" alt="Photobucket">

    • Gotcha

      Probably from your Mom when he's done with her

  • Matt

    #25 All of a sudden anything I have to do today looks really easy.

  • nivek2798

    #22… And that's why

  • yankin

    In Russia not one fuck is given

  • amplexus

    #10 please man give us a ride, we are stranded out here and can't find any garbage cans to eat out of. If you could give me and my kids a ride to the next that would be awesome. I promise we wont shit in the bus or eat any of you 😉

  • Doctor_What

    Does anyone have a script to automatically block all of Bob's posts from showing up?

  • @ojosdegris

    what i can say, i just love my country and miss it living here lol

  • Gallus

    I looks at these pics and I wonder how the KGB ever rode herd on this bunch.

    I can't poke any fun at #11. Ol' granny is apparently young at heart and has something to teach a lot of people in our society.

  • Joney36

    #8 I want this!

  • Montauk_Monster

    This might actually be Krakozhia. You know the country Tom Hanks is from.

  • Roman

    #6 In mother Russia, the tub boil you.

  • JThurman

    Number 24 is in Prague; you see people on the roof just shoving snow off down into the streets – it's not cordoned off!

  • EadssaiSaid

    They may be crazy but there woman are smoking hot!!!

  • FlyCG08

    #5 Makes sense…

  • Kitra

    No and yes.

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