Siri, Find Her (38 Photos)

  • JLee

    #4 #11 You're due for a 'blonde' post Chive

  • 2hottiesbumpinuglies


    • jorge


    • jess

      fuck off

    • Ken

      #19 #24 #38 – but especially more shots of 19

  • greg

    #11 is kayden kross

    • greg

      Enter text right here!i almost beat the above douche

    • Michel Payette

      Googled. Doubt it.

      • Ryan

        Pretty sure that's Teagan Presley

    • Zach

      Teagan Presley, not Kayden Kross

    • Stix

      Actually it's Teagan Presley. Yeah I browse way to much porn and I'm kind in love with her.

      • Nehpets

        Googled her. Now that picture is ruined

    • Trevor

      It is actually not kayden kross, it is another pornstar named Riley Jensen – NSFW obviously

    • Mike

      seriously? with the tattoo, it's kind of simple people…Teagan Presley.

      • Boobman

        I did notice a tattoo, seriously I had to go back and look!

    • dave


    • yep

      she was already found on the original post. chive, why do you list people who have already been found?

    • dee

      kayden kross doesn't have a tattoo on her arm like that

    • TimeBomb

      Its Teagan Presley You Moron.

    • adam

      its worth it to google both the girls ha

    • Wayne-o


  • Wang

    My thingy is tingly

  • iambigd42

    #10 I will pitch in, please find her

    • Ned_Plimpton

      Good luck when all you got to go by is "blonde girl with nice ass on beach".

      • iambigd42

        Have hope Ned, you never know.

      • thatwasfun

        that's a terrible search…you would be much better off with "blonde girl with nice ass and adidas backpack on beach"

        • Ned_Plimpton

          My bad. Didn't see the backpack.

        • mike

          original posting of this on the chive was captioned with something about Australia. so now we're at "blonde girl with nice ass and adidas backpack on beach in australia"

  • Ken Kong

    #35 wife material… maybe.

    • DFT

      She's a porn star.

      • Unfkngblvbl


      • Kip

        So her name is "porn star" then?

    • BoomgoestheTNT

      She isn't a porn star… just a Russian Model (SFW)

      • DoomsDayDub

        What's the difference between the two?

        • BoomgoestheTNT

          She hasn't gotten an offer to do porn yet?

    • Beiberswag

      i would divorce my wife just to smell her hair

      • this guy

        well thank god thats not creepy or anything

        • yherth

          No it is…..but I would do the same thing

  • J.D

    #18 Kendall Jenner

    • Lacey

      lmao eww who wanted to find her, shes 16

    • Ned_Plimpton

      In that case, don't find. Her family doesn't need any more attention.

    • stonewall_79

      The 2 little Kardashian sisters gonna be pretty awesome when they be grown not like their sisters.

      • Ned_Plimpton

        I see no hope for any of them.

        • stonewall_79

          I mean physically

      • Chike Pemberton

        you mean awesome lil whores ?!?! … sure thats what u meant !

    • tedmosbey

      yea right kendall is so hot even though she is 16 in only 18 and she is perfect and has been all over thechive so im sure all of yall have seen her before

    • Kaylin E. McKenzie

      I think this was a joke, her mother's portrait is in the background…and seriously sometimes i think these ladies who submit are probably her age too…it doesn't seem to make a diff, if ur hot ur hot, it's not like it's porn, worse shit is found on FB

      • tom


    • xxwhodatxx

      Otherwise known as jailbait kardashian

  • iambigd42

    #11 one of my favorite find hers of all time.

  • Joe

    I think #37 is from Dallas

    • Josh

      Dallas Stars Cheerleader, Danica I believe.

      • Lex Williams

        Laurie… from 08-09. dont know how to find her last name tho.

      • Dallas

        Ice Girl, not cheerleader.

    • Ouboet

      She shot J.R. Thank her.

  • The Truth

    #9 I would deposit my sins on the girl on the left

    • Dave

      Enjoy your babies with arses fatter than the earth

      • Dave's Doctor

        I didn't want to tell you about this here in public Dave, but I'm afraid you were born with the gay. No it cannot be cured.

      • jeff donuts

        are u a fag? what is wrong with u

        • DavesHeteroBF

          he was born with the gay, he can't help it. It's also affected his depth perception, spelling and made him pro choice……why haven't we found a cure for this wretched disease yet….WHY???!???

    • +CRZ+

      Bianca Anchieta 😉

  • Jared S

    #3 puh puh please!?

  • Michel Payette

    #11 Those pyjama pants are just asking to be pulled down….

    • vindi

      They get pulled down all the time. Teagan Presley

    • 1234

      Close, but it's Teagan Presley

    • Chazz_B

      with the mouth

  • Colin

    #2 need to find her

    • Martin_McFly

      I have a spare Kidney – for the one who finds her!

      …that's quite a hot commodity on the black market, so get to looking!

      • thatsracistguy

        white people need kidneys too

    • asdasd

      And perhaps, liberate some of her clothes?

    • Shat_Thrice
      • Anothermuser

        Thank you, sir!
        Google search also gives you a 18s video (that loops) and I´ve watched it a few times already

    • Matt

      her name is Sarah Pipkin, she went to my high school. also, did amature stuff for playboy.

  • echogeo

    #1 #10 #19 #21
    "Pull up to my bumper, baby!"

    • bdg

      #1 please policia bonita-beat me down!!!!! She could hold my nightstick!!

    • steve

      1 can't be tough to find, who can hide a butt like that?

  • Brad


  • joseph

    Chive I love you. I wake up every morning and these are the things I love to see when I awake. thank you for making me day.

  • chairman

    #1 #24 Sweet baby Jesus…. In the name of all that is holy…..Find them. One even comes fully loaded with cuffs (and a gun in case of zombies)

    • Carlito

      Policia Ferriviaria Federal, Brazil. That's all I know, I'm sorry 🙂

      • Johan

        Polícia Rodoviária Federal* from the state of Goiás. Didn't find her name. Working on it.

    • knotmee

      think how lumpy and cottage cheesy that big fat mess of an ass is. get real.

      • Del

        probably not since its shopped, that or thats a really dented cop car

    • Yosef
      • Julio

        The un-shopped pic isn't bad at all!!

      • chairman

        still do her! but good looking out

  • doogie

    #2 looks like a chick i knew in high school jessica requa.

  • That Guy 13

    #35 is my snow goddess!

  • vodkamartini

    #1 Policewomen level: Vida Guerra

    • Lou

      policewoman level—photoshopped look at the car

      • Duh

        Doesn't matter. Still would.

      • body man

        the car looks the same in the unshopped photo.

        • Dazzled

          Car!!! What car? was there a car in the picture!!?

  • Jacobstein

    #22 Nathalie Emmanuel

    • guest

      Misfits, season 3, episode 1.

      • gingergreek

        Makes you proud to be British!

    • Baer

      actually her name is Zawe Ashton. She's also in Fresh Meat on Channel 4 too

      • Munokhoi

        Jacobstein is correct, you sir, are not.

      • DubStu

        Zawe Ashton is black… 😉

  • August K Ahuna Jr.

    i believe #18 was suggested by pedobear

    • Tyler Durden

      #28 's age is questionable too. Looks like a prom photo.

      • sqott

        which would make it at least a year old prolly more…

  • RizalKid

    #18 Kendall. She's my ex. LOL.. Just kidding.. How I wish. sigh

    • IrishWolfhound

      Hi, i'm Chris Hansen, why don't you take a seat over there.

      • Fuck Mac & his cats!

        Yeah is like 16!! You must be part of the FLDS!!

      • RizalKid

        If only I can. Why not! 😀

    • bdg

      I didn't know you were black?!?!

  • BabyFart Magizax

    #4 #10 and #11 #34 ohhh my god thank you for the chive

    • Cal

      #11 is teagan presley

  • PLB

    First…..#25 is perfect

    • MattyA

      This girl is everything ive ever wanted. Period.

    • Hero_status

      I wouldn't like the period part. I'd accept the rest

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