According to Britain, this 18-year-old girl has the UK’s most beautiful face (7 Photos)


  • mike


    • theRoddick

      I see your "eh" and raise you a "m'eh".

      • mike

        well played sir

    • get some

      five bucks says she's hotter than the girlfriend you don't have

      • A.Einstein

        Fifty bucks says she's hotter than the rubber doll you fap with every night.

      • theRoddick

        Dude, not a nice thing to say about your mother.

        • ParasiticDrag

          The all to overused mother comment. Nice try < great.

      • had some

        You owe me five bucks…I know it'll take a couple of paychecks to put that kind of scratch together, so I'll put you on an installment plan.

    • canadian guy


      • SLy_C

        you sir have won this thread

    • John Blutarski

      Definitely (not definitively like some prefer to type) looks better with a closed mouth smile than open.

    • vin

      i agree being the best looking person in Britain is like being the skinniest person in Texas… it's not that hard

      • Grouper

        I spent 2 years in Britain and I thought the girls were gorgeous so either the girls were gorgeous or the beer was strong.
        Seriously, it's like everywhere else, good and bad. The only 2 things I noticed (maybe just my experience) not as many fat girls and more big boobs.

  • Julie

    ive never been to the UK so i dont know what she's up against, but she does have a sweet, pretty face 🙂 and no way in hell does she look only 18 years old!!! #3 #6 gorgeous

    • Underbaker

      So I'm guessing it might be judged without makeup and if that is the case she does have a nice face.

    • PrimerGray

      Its probably because she has a full set of teeth.

      • Candi

        Brits have better natural teeth than Americans! The old 'Brits have bad teeth' is no longer valid! She is very pretty, without fake veneers!

    • Gabs

      um.. emma watson…

    • Vandal

      Kelly Brook.

    • vegasnites

      Lucy Pinder.

    • kigero

      Sorry to hijack but she is bountiful. However the competition is hot about fake, photo-shopped mediatarts.
      If you want to say a bad word against her then offer up something else. How about you show a pic of yourself so we all know the perfection that we are up against. A picture tells a thousand words and at the moment you are nothing to her. I dare you to prove me wrong and i will say sorry but until then you are just another idiot with a keyboard.

      • kigero

        not not hot, anger typing sorry

    • ParasiticDrag

      Not too bad yourself Julie (:

  • Duca

    2nd ya fekin clown

    • jaay

      tbf i laughed..

  • clenis


  • tom


  • Kilo

    Not bad but who's the judge???

    • ddd

      it's based on math, symmetry, etc.

      some thing you can't quantify, and this proves it

      • can no one read

        actually this competition was based on "natural" beauty. Which ment whoever looked the best with no makeup

      • Head Chef

        Its typical of some chive commentors to negative rep any sort of sensible answer or any thing other than "OMG she is hot" which gets hundreds of +1's.

    • drbman

      Stevie Wonder!

  • basic

    I wouldn't kick her out for eating crackers…..

    • Ash

      This joke was funny when the 3 wisemen told it to Jesus. Stop it.

    • Lighten up francis

      Unless she's better on the floor

      • basic

        Yeah, it's *almost* as old as that wiseman/jesus bit…. Stop it.

    • Joe

      Is it funnier if it is "I wouldn't kick her out for eating this cracker?"

  • Ash

    You don't need to have been to Britain to know what she's up against. Name a hot British chick. Ready…go.

    • Gabe

      Lucy Pinder. Game over.

      • TheAutomaticMan

        Sammy Braddy & Alice Goodwin….. nsfw….. thank you Nuts magazine…..

    • Blitz

      Billie Piper

    • chrisdg74

      Kate Beckinsale.
      Boom! Headshot

      • F3n1x187


      • Maynard B.

        Yes, yes, Kate rocks my fuckin' world!

    • Joel McHale

      Cheryl Cole, Kiera Knightly, Abby Clancy……. It could go on…

    • Michael

      Kate Beckinsale.

    • Jason

      I've always lusted after Sophie Howard, but Holly Peers is up there too… and Lucy Collett is climbing the ranks fast.

    • Taye

      Keeley Hazell. no competition. enough said.

    • The Cock

      Keeley Hazell

    • Alf

      Rosie Jones, Jessica-Jane Clement, Danica Thrall, etc.

    • Chiefhenry27

      elizabeth hurley

    • Third and long

      Lucy Pinder,keira knightley,Kate Beckinsale, Sienna Miller,Abbey Clancy,Elizabeth Hurley,Keeley Hazel,Lilly Cole,Katie Downes and that is just off the top of my head so your point is invalid as we have some amazing looking girls over here in the UK.

      • iluvyogapants

        I think he was saying you don't have to have been to the UK to know that there MANY amazing looking women there. Also that it wouldn't take long to name five of them.

    • TLSSA

      Susan Boyle

      • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

        laughed out loud in my office. nicely done. +1

      • Sarge

        hahaha, call a Scottish person "British" and count the second before they headbutt your teeth in 😉

        • Garvey

          Scotland is in Britain. Scots are Scottish AND British. You are confused. Tell a Scot or a Welshman (also British) they are English and then you lose conciousness.

          • vitobonespur

            No, Scots are Britons, being from the isles, but they are no more British than are the Irish. Considering what England did to their respective countries way back when, I don't believe either likes being referred to as British.

            • RogerNout

              No, Scots are British, they all have British passports and are part of the British Isles.

    • Someone

      Freeman Agyeman.

    • Chase

      Keira Knightley.

    • dan

      My wife 🙂

    • Frankie J

      Lol…you've been owned

    • Dick Innabocks

      Kate Beckinsale
      Kate Beckinsale
      Kate Beckinsale
      Kate Beckinsale
      (her hotness counts, at least, for 4)

    • Shnooda

      You just got abused you loser.

    • Fall

      Asshole just got owned!

    • iluvyogapants

      Jessica Jane Clement

    • MC Hammer

      Add Kelly Brook and Gemma Merna to the mix….

    • boom

      Claudia our british chivette

      • F3n1x187

        Here have a thumb up sir

    • Binx

      Emilia Clarke… with dragons

      • Ptesla

        Oh yeaaaaaaaaaah…love her

    • Aaron

      Kelly Brook

    • Peabody

      The lesson to be learned here is the fact that 26 chivers have responded, and not one of them has mentioned Emma Watson, is proof she's not that hot.

      • jim

        Wrong. Emma is a boner-inducing hottie.

        • Verus87

          i will second that a million times

      • Verus87

        your comment is proof that your boner is gay

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Laura Haddock, Naomi Watts, Emma freakin' Watson…

    • Andy Valentine

      Gemma Atkinson, Cheryl Cole, Kate Beckinsale, Michelle Ryan, Rachel Weisz, Alice Eve, Gemma Arterton, Emily Blunt, Thandie Newton, Liz Hurley, Rebecca Hall, Carey Mulligan, Emma Watson, Kiera Knightly, Sarah Harding, Abbey Clancy, Danielle "Slutbag" Lloyd, Michelle Marsh, Jennifer Ellison, Kelly Brook, Rachel Stevens, and this girl I met and nailed last weekend…

      And breath…

      • TheAutomaticMan

        pics or it didn't happen….

      • Verus87

        emma watson ftw

    • black27696

      Everyone in this list is wrong.

      Nigella. Lawson.

      Give me my prize.

      • Pete

        Considering that she is 52, you are correct sir. She deserves her own post.

      • Ptesla

        Nigella Lawson Milfiest of the Milfs

        • 64zoolane

          Include Holly Willoughby!

    • I am me

      karen gillan

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      Polyanna Woodward, Sarah Applewood…

    • Ramon

      Pippa, for sure.

    • Sam

      Kelly Brook, Jessica Jane Clement, Cheryl Cole.
      Sit down.

    • Sam

      So how IS that attempt at wittily pointing out a stereotype working out?

    • jonah

      rosie huntington-whiteley (FHM no.1 2011)?

    • Asharak

      Kelly Brooke, Kate Beckinsale for a start.

    • Me1

      Katherine Jenkins. That game ended quick

    • Verus87



    • DrewGW

      Kate Beckinsale

    • Pete

      Controversial, but I'm going to throw Cheryl Cole out there. Also Princess Kate.

      And for what it is worth, you Fail, good sir.

    • Juann Strauss

      Siena Miller

    • StupidFresh84

      Alice Eve

    • tonesy

      Lol none of these so called " hot babes" are "hot"

      Hell ofcourse with 3 pounds of silicone and a photoshop makeover in a magazine cud make neone look hot! Name ANY from either side of the pond qho are hot without being made-up, photoshopped and plasticied!!

    • YourFatChildren

      OK new game.

      Name me one American tart who doesn't apply make-up with a shovel, one who doesn't weigh more than her car and one who wasn't educated by a TV.

      Bonus points if you can find one who doesn't do all three.

    • jamr1130

      Elizabeth Hurley. Ever watch the movie Bedazzled? Ohh la la!

    • hmmmm

      Rachel Weisz. Naturally beautiful.

  • zulu

    I've seen better

    • vandal

      Is that enough? I'd chuck in Paloma Faith too. I've got a weird thing going on for her.

  • HOOK

    Simon Cowell was probably the judge.Woof!

    • Rick

      Thanks tips………..she entered and won. Shut up please. If you don't care for her, why click on this post? She won…..who cares anyway?

      • HOOK

        Ohhhhh so sensitive…Simon you blew it!

    • SiN k

      You both fail.

  • Pedo

    Too old.

    • Dancing Can

      she. is. 18…. oh, I see what you did there….

  • hwath

    …out of the nine people that entered the contest.

    • vvv

      was about 10 thousand.

      • Lolwhat

        and she was the only one with teeth

    • studley do-right

      A dog's ass got second.

  • Underbaker

    #7 Sure, I will have fries with that.

    • etcrr

      that reminds me i have to go to work

    • andysniper


    • JoeB

      I'd like sauce on that… Oh, you don't have any? i'll take care of that

  • Muffin

    Well of course she won, she's the only person in the UK without jacked up teeth.

    • nemesis

      Ummmm….What is a standard joke for a 1980s comedian?

    • derek

      Britain actualy has the fewest fillings per person in the world, so not only do we not have the worst teeth, we actually have the best

      • Unfkngblvbl

        "fewest fillings" has nothing to do with how straight they are…just sayin'.

      • Cantaloupe

        You're wrong there; sub-Saharan Africa has the fewest fillings per person in the world. See what I did there?

        • Troll_the_world

          Sir, I did see what you did there.

    • Andy Valentine

      Said the fatty…

      • You suck

        Said the brit with jacked up teeth

        • Andy Valentine

          My fiancee is a dental hygienist, so it's safe to say, my knackers are in pretty epic nick.

          • Pete

            But what about her knockers?

            • ben


    • Owen Smithers

      Come on man, dentist probably ration in the UK. It's only fair with socialized dental care. Lowest common denominator is the best way to advance a society! Wooooot!

      • P90

        The fact that we in Britain get free dental care as children on the NHS has a direct relation to the fact that the Brits officially have the healthiest teeth on the planet.

        • Andy Valentine

          Was about to say the same thing. We get mocked for our teeth by a country with no free dental care and the highest obesity rate on the planet, which is primarily caused by masses of sugar intake… which surprise surprise, also fucks your teeth.

          • Owen Smithers

            Yeah, I was speaking out of my ass right there, as I really don't know anything about your dental health. But I remain opposed to socialized medicine. Much like everything else that's socialized, it pulls things down to a lowest common denominator so that everything is fair, but then tends to limit innovation because there's much less incentive to do better/more. We are a bit fluffy here in the good ole' USA, and there are asshats who feed their babies Mountain Dew. But freedom does come with responsibilities….

            • Pete

              Except that socialisation doesn't do that, when private care is also allowed and encouraged. Everybody can expect free (at the point of use) care should they want it, or can pay privately should they want to too.

              And the idea that the NHS, for all its faults, limits innovation is just plain wrong. The very point of it is a life changing innovation – anybody, no matter their income, personal wealth, insurance, class or creed at the point of need can receive healthcare at no cost. Other long term care, such as dental work, do charge but is still often cheaper than private sectors, which means that those who wouldn't normally have access to it now do.

              And anyway…. I can't help but think that all those stars with perfectly straight, perfectly white teeth just look as if they're wearing false sets.

    • Sam

      The 70s called, they want their stereotypes back.

      • kigero

        Plus its natural teeth. We don’t pay for our teeth to be filed down and porcelain to replace them because we take care of them. I personally have perfect teeth just by looking after them (and good genes) and if you are going to stereotype then point out that yanks would rather throw money at what they see as imperfect (a problem started by Hollywood body image) than take care of what God gave you.

        She is a nice looking girl.. Better than you will ever have

  • Eastwood

    They've obviously never met Country Girl…or Erin Young.

    • just joshing

      Yes. And you've obviously never studied geography.

      • Eastwood

        Missing my point. Where they're looking doesn't matter. She's pretty, but I just think there are far more attractive women in the world, UK, where ever. All a matter of opinion I guess…which trumps science when it comes to beauty.

        • Ned_Plimpton

          Yes and if this post was titled 'According to Britain, this 18 year old girl has the worlds most beautiful face' your comment would make sense.

    • Jose Wales

      You have spit on the good name of Mr. Eastwood. Please cancel your account immediately.

    • Graham Francis

      What about our British Chivette?? Union Jack Girl!

  • SaxMan


  • acs10

    very cute but she is 18? half of those pictures she looks over 25

  • Mitchiver

    I'd hit it. But that ain't sayin much. #6 best pic.

  • 4acesusaf

    Offering up my facial services to help her keep her crown

  • tv_paul

    #6 Kinda looks like a young Chelsea Handler.

    • Jasper.

      or rebecca romijin

    • Steve

      Long stretch: Kate Bosworth

    • Bob

      Don't insult this woman.

  • rnr

    pretty but tops? Louise Glover in her prime was untouchable.

    • Billy

      Danny glover's wife?

  • Epic Fail

    I will take a chivette please.

  • MarthaJeane

    #4 & #7 She's really beautiful but her ears are kinda big for the 'best' face.

    • El Hambino

      Ears too big? lol .

    • Clay

      bitch you're just jealous..

  • rphilman1

    She seems like she has a very warm personality. #3 #4

    • Logan Slogan

      I'd like to make her face warm…Amiright!?


    Looks good to me.

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