According to Britain, this 18-year-old girl has the UK’s most beautiful face (7 Photos)


  • Jeff Ingram

    Is she gorgeous? Yes. Is she the UK's most beautiful? Definitely no. Not out of the running though.

  • GoatsMilk


  • WilliamsonKyle

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  • Ryley Fuller

    Out of ten? WOULD NOT BANG jk I probably would.

  • T-bird

    Elizabeth Hurley any day….

  • Purks

    ….And if you look close, Briatain is shining through her mouth hole, not the greatest teeth!!! #5

  • mweston

    I'm a english chiver lad. All i'm thinking is she must have been voted by the old posh twats.
    She's ok. But nothing compared to others.

  • ray


  • P90

    Being the UK they were probably to busy inventing everything to worry about voting.

  • StraightUpHoe

    A 10 in the UK is a 5 in the US and a 3 in Brazil. Deal with it.

  • cang

    my wife is so much hotter than this broad…

  • nahbuts

    maybe if she was naked I would be able to tell…

  • Anonymous

    She’s got a great next door girl look, she is pretty gorgeous I think.

  • BLTP

    You're a very pretty girl. Don't let these bozos get you down.

  • captain_freedom

    Was Kate ban from he ontest?

  • mr.bananabeak

    wtf happened to Emma Watson? I thought she was number 1.

  • Bob

    You got the story wrong, She was not the prettiest girl in Britain, but her face was judged to be the most symmetrical, and therefore deemed by the scientists to be the most aesthetically pleasing out of all the faces that they examined… She is pretty enough, but there are more visually stunning girls out there. the point is that a greater number of people would judge her to be pretty as her face should appeal to a wider group.

  • Nessa

    as a British chivette I have never heard or seen of her, so I cant say it has been around to judge her as the best face… and I think there are much prettier British women here that than, though she is pretty certainly not the best

  • realbadger

    Nearly Billie Piper-esque….

  • Dickle

    She is pretty. But 'best' face outta the whole of Britain. NO WAY

  • Archie Leach

    So what this article is saying is that hitler was right?

  • Anonymous

    She’s not British, her teeth are straight!

  • Marie

    Natural? In #6 her top lip is bigger than in other shots…like Nicole Kidman's red carpet
    Lips…a bit wonky or off.

  • Popopo

    LOL fuck you math ive seen much better<3

  • vitobonespur

    I looked at #3 and #6 and asked myself if I would enjoy kissing her…soooo…she's beautiful and certainly beats the hell out of Beyonce Knowles (recently given a similar title by People Magazine). But there is a plethora of pulchritudinous pussy on the other side of the pond, many of whom have already been noted. My opinion would be if she isn't the prettiest, she's way up there around the top of the list.

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