Anybody for a mansion in the mountains? (18 Photos)

Via Twistedsifter

  • Jamie

    29.5 Mil ??? F that !! I would rather be on the beach in Corona Del Mar for a third of the price.

  • Ronin

    Did any one else notice the creepy kid in the third photo

  • dave

    Why did they decorate it with hotel furniture?

  • matty022

    #3 I'll take it, but if that baby doll is still there when I move in the whole place is getting burnt to the ground.

  • Steven B

    I bought my lotto ticket, if I win, i'll buy it and throw the biggest Chive party ever!


    #3 The doll is creepy.

  • west

    the shining 2

  • Brian

    Throw in the chopper and it's a deal!

  • hokiemct

    Interior designer/decorator screwed it on that one…

  • Bob

    Women would flock to this place like the salmon of capistrano…

  • Geoff

    Remindes me of the movie The Shining. Al set with it

  • Random

    The outside is magnificent but someone needs to find the interior decorator and hang them.

  • Daniel

    I'd take it after ripping out the entire interior and adding something to show I'm filthy rich. Horrible taste.

  • Rick

    Meanwhile in Africa………………..PS Jerks, have money and spend, just don't go overboard?????

  • Montauk_Monster

    Thanks but no thanks, outside of take out delivery zone.


  • shawn

    house, awesome.. decor and furniture, garbage.

  • Matt Rosenbaum

    ugliest decor / furnishing EVER!

    #30 sup with the $50 couch and pillows?

  • Kenny

    redrum redrum…

  • Nick

    Might have to spend another fortune redecorating, can't fault the view though.

  • Caleb

    For that much? The pool needs to be bigger.. Unless their is one outside

  • Jammy

    If it does include at least 5 chivettes I am not buying it.

  • Owen

    Looks like an overly ornate old peoples home, for $30 mill I'm fairly certain you can plenty better.

  • lackofabetter

    That place is fantastic!!!

  • Johnny

    The creepy doll and or real girl in #3 is enough to keep my offer off the table.

  • Torden

    #1 I have honestly imagined a place like this (minus about 2 bathrooms) to keep me motivated. Picture is only missing a 1971 2000gtr in the driveway.

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