Get low, get dirty, and have yourself a good time (37 Photos)

  • Chivoso

    #10… is this photoshopped??? Their bewbs are at two completely different elevations, but their mouths are almost level. I'm very curious about the geometry of this image. Anybody else coming up with some odd calculations?

    • k.j.

      its called shes arching her back dump fuck. go kiss someone then youll figure it out

    • tapsnapornap

      Dark hair is a few inches shorter, their far bewbs look like they're touching and at about the same "elevation difference" as the tops of their heads, also accounting for the arched back of green shirt noted above. The bewbs closest to us are about a foot apart from each other so they also could look like they're at way different "elevations".
      Fuck, we just took nearly all the fun out of this picture, or, put bewbs in geometry, I'm choosing the latter.

  • kc1

    #33 haha, you fuckin let us down Josh

    • Josh

      my bad.

      • Geaux Tigers

        I LOL'd at the picture, and even louder at this comment…..You're Doin it RIGHT!

  • etcrr

    #12 I'm on board with this to do list

  • Face

    #8, I love me some sprinkles, & #21 = classic stumble fall on hot chick move, works everytime

  • etcrr

    #14Legs, cause damn

    • @falcoMVAgusta

      She's a Greel Pop Singer. Check here…

      • @falcoMVAgusta

        Greek I meant to write……

  • Der Freischütz

    #18 Is that a young Charlie Sheen?

  • dave


  • Devin_Medrano

    #10 #24 #30 MOTHER OF GOD

  • Devin_Medrano

    What's worse, #1 or #3? O_o

  • Daro

    #25 every fuckin day

  • Brian Wanueka

    #35 We are all in trouble!!!

    • fibonacci5150

      josh did not prevent the forest fire, and zero fuckiths descendith from heaven that day

  • Zaedrus


    No, Hurr –


  • Tangles_112


    Alien Vs Predator

  • reddawn

    #1 is the hospital where I live. its in Rome, GA

  • Frank Lee Behonest

    #34 I wonder if they staged that for Bear like they do everything else for him?

  • Dave

    #35 too cool

  • Brent f

    Where is #30 from? I need to see this uncensored!

  • Lou

    #30 Chive, I already have sun glasses.

  • SavoyStud

    #8 I really want to see the rest of this picture set (or at least i hope there are more). This looks really… interesting…

  • Ken Kong

    #20 John Wayen Gacie.

  • xbb
  • DRC36


    Arguably one of the best ways to spend upwards of $250,000


    I was going to enter all the pics numbers that I liked but the list got to long. Great post Chive!

  • Devil

    #30 is the character April from Eastbound and Down. Stiill want moar

  • KayakAggie

    #8 Mexican unicorn show?

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