He's not really giving compliments. He's kinda just being a smart ass. Seems sarcastic.

    • LeTard

      I think he's being genuine, but in reality it probably comes off as sarcastic. If it happened to me my cynical ass would think he was being a jerk.

  • guest

    he's laughing while he's doing it sounds pretty snarky to me…

  • Bradley

    Ya this guy is a beat off nobody needs compliments to go home and hug their wife. You should just hug your wife because she's your wife. Not because some random ass guy talked into a megaphone.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ABaker13 Al Baker

    I think this dude has good intentions.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=778249822 Sergio Gamboa

    thats my boy TIM! trafik!

  • Tyler

    Find the girl at 1:40!!!!

  • Harlock

    i had this idea 2 weeks…. ago my buddy said it was dumb

    • Kyle

      Because it is…

  • Neutrino

    Uhhh mister microphone ripoff!

  • Jo momma

    Somebodys comment I was unable to respond to about a sweater, why does a mans inability to shut up have to be a reason to wear a sweater? Why would he have to shut up so you would have to wear a sweater in ninety degree weather for? Why cant all women respond to compliments better than they do, instead of having these silly superstitions and baseless suspicions about come ons,getting laid etc. Why is it the only thing I ever hearing is every woman moaning and groaning every somebody says something, they always have to choose to hate and disrespect the compliment and the one giving or they have to love and respect it. Why dont women today have guilty consciences everytime they disrespect men who say something nice to them but are never remorseful and never apologize for their rejection of someones compliment. Which means they are listening to the Prince of Darkness and his devils.

  • bill

    jerk off

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