• John Trolliano


    • noegod

      I can't thumbs down you fast enough!

    • Grodon

      STFU & GTFO

    • Travis

      OMG! There are still morons that play this "First" game?? I thought that was taken over by the idiots that blame Bush for everything!!!

    • Tim Posta

      What a dick, both this guy and the one in the video

  • John Orvis

    I don't think he's having sex for a little while…

    • Ned_Plimpton

      Not necessarily…. She'll probably be too scared to sleep alone, ever again. She'll have to give in.

      • dedubs

        just not to him

    • WG27

      Worth it.

  • HOOK

    That last chick out was thinking about stayin….Hilarious.

    • PAN

      best part was when the second girl looks like she hit her face on the door

      • Benadocious

        I thought i was the only one who heard the "THWAK!!!" good find

    • Bob

      She won't survive a zombie apocalypse. Shit reflexes

  • :-D

    what a prick…

    • Mjmchiver

      Shut up that was hilarious.

  • noegod

    no sex for weeks!

  • MarthaJeane

    I was really rooting for this one to backfire on him. Pepper spray, cops, kick in the balls, I mean, something!

    • misslisa

      I really thought (and mayyybe kinda hoped) this was going to end with him getting kicked in the nards too.

    • KEV

      A kick in the balls is above 9000 del (units) of pain which is similar to giving birth to 160 kids & breaking up to 3200 bones at a time. If you do not have balls you cannot talk. Revisit and revise your statements and views on life…and yes i would like mayo, no crust.

      • KayakAggie

        Looks like someone got kicked in the nuts too many times by girls. It's ok Kev, time heals all. KCCO somewhere else.

        • KEV


        • Urethra Franklin

          That's my Sisters name! Kayak Of course, what kind of name is Aggie

          • KayakAggie

            Kayak fisherman and Texas A&M Aggie

      • bake

        your an idiot…im a man and getting kicked in the nutts although brutally painful is something that you can get up and dust yourself off in like 5 min, a women who gives birth doesn't get out of bed for at least a day. not to mention pain scales are only measured through observational behaviour like faces the person in pain makes. So maybe you think its so bad cause your a pansy and cant take pain without making a stupid face (although im sure that comes naturally) BTW shock would set in every time a guy got kicked if your claims were true. Now Kev how about you grow some real balls like the other chivers have and even many chivettes have

        • KEV

          …was being facetious…you can make me a sandwich too.

        • OnOneWheel24


        • LAWYERED

          just a side note of proof that getting kicked in the nuts is worse than childbirth. a few days or even weeks after giving birth a woman will say lets have another. a man will never say i want to get kicked in the balls again. now get off your soapbox you have been lawyered

      • SimonDPieman

        Who eats sandwiches without crusts? I mean really?

        • Mehbot

          A sad man-boy who still lives in mom's basement?

    • LucretiusCarus

      I guess it would have served him right. I suspect that instead he either gets dumped or gets some really toothy bjs for a while.

    • GernBlansten

      I was wondering what prank-shot was going to look like.

  • not you

    This is stupid! I thought he would get pepper sprayed or she would bring another guy home or something!

    • Steved24

      Another, much bigger guy that kicks the shit out of him.


    not one not two but three women who will be scarred for the rest of their lives

    • May

      That's exactly what bothers me about this video. I was held up at work once as a "joke," and that memory still sticks with me. This is not a funny prank.

  • luckyB

    guess whos sleeping on the couch tonight

    • Joe

      well, considering they don't live together, nobody

  • drbman

    TOO FUNNY!!! now dude, sneak into her laptop and share her goods and humps with the Chivers!

    • erik

      excellent idea!!

  • Rick_

    Next week he will be prank kicking in the face. Aww… young love…

  • organix85

    Might be ex-girlfriend now…

  • needitwantit

    What? It worked. He pulled it off?
    Misleading title wtf, I was waiting for it to backfire.

    • black27696

      Yeah I kind of assumed someone funny would happen? Based on the "funny" tag. All I saw was a guy being a jerk and three girls being pretty upset by it. That's it.

  • Guest

    Enjoy the friendzone bro

  • SoMyNameGoesHere?

    And thats when they broke up…

  • Ned_Plimpton

    1:39 humps 🙂

  • Nate Woodard

    "Prank" robbing me would likely get you shot. But funny video.

  • rich

    not worthy of the internet.

    • Bw11

      Have you seen what is on the internets?

      • rich

        true dat. plus one to you.

  • echogeo

    He resembles a garden gnome.

  • moX

    Did one of the girls ran against the door?

    • spelling_nazi


  • Nicnac

    Lucky George Zimmerman wasn't on patrol…

    • DaveStinson316

      Too soon.

    • gusto

      Oh man, I chuckled but then looked around to make sure no one saw or heard.

    • Jenn

      LOL…..Now that's funny

    • Scaggnettii

      Def not too soon that was awesome

  • saltygary

    Jerk could of gotten shot.

    Whats worse loss of pussy or getting shot?

    • banananah

      holocaust : |

    • spelling_nazi

      *could have*

      • banananah

        grammar_nazi*, the correct name.

    • LarryBirdsJ

      same thing bro

  • dkassa

    FRIENDZONE…starting now

  • Underbaker

    Sounded like she was laughing to me, but I was hoping one of them would have played soccer with his balls too.

  • bob_the_cook

    To quote Spicoli from Fast Times… "YOU DICK!"

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