• George Jones

    Anyone else notice how the first girl out tried to shut the door behind her?

  • RetiredChief

    That went well.

  • Project mayhem

    Hahahahahaha AWESOME!!!

  • Ray

    id laugh if she rolled in making out with another dude

  • Jonathan Kenny

    what an asshole

  • aybabtu15

    Meanwhile, someone actually steals the TV he left by the open door.

  • David

    So fake. I'm sure they were so scared that they just had to run to the nearest staircase and sit down.

  • Mike


  • Dreski03

    HAHAHAHA I know these guys! 937 represent!

  • avidd

    Good one.

  • teacupsmommy

    What a stupid joke. Not even remotely funny.

  • Travis

    I hope he wakes up in the near future "Naired" on all the hair on his body and it is filmed and uploaded to the net. Now THAT would be funny!!!!

  • kevin

    this is an opening to a really good porno

  • Kyle

    Do not try this in Texas! You will definitely get shot.

  • http://facebook jenny jetlag

    omg i woulda let it go on him

  • Sayyid

    I thought he was going to get shott lol

  • waty

    Why do women cry when they get scared! I'd do that to my gf but I want to live.

  • ilbella

    This is a really nice guy who just wants to brighten people's days. Maybe if some of you acted like that, your lives would be better than wishing a bad things to happen to a nice guy.

  • Mark Bernhard

    What a douchebag.

  • casotakar1229

    greatest video I have seen in so long. dying laughing.

  • Kyle

    I thought she'd walk in with a dude.

  • Russ

    Lmao Legendary buddy!!!!!!!!!

  • WilliamsonKyle

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  • guest

    I carry a pistol and a pellet gun….he would pay….

  • BudShort

    She is thinking about payback as we read this, and her two buddies are going to help…

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